There is a New High Fashion Textile Made From Oranges 1

There is a New High Fashion Textile Made From Oranges


It wasn’t so long ago that the ubiquitous cotton didn’t even exist. Actually, a great many of the fabrics we routinely put on our bodies didn’t exist, or was extremely rare, not so long ago. In short, the textile industry is always growing and changing like any other industry. So who knows what tomorrow may bring. Maybe we’ll start wearing t-shirts made from food, like say hamburgers or oranges. OK, the hamburger thing was quite a stretch(unless you count leather) but the oranges thing has just begun happening. That’s right. Introducing a brand new textile made from the official fruit of that one trip you took to Florida with your parents as a kid.

The textile, obviously named orange fiber, was created by a trio of students at the University of Milan. It has since been used in runway shows and other high fashion affairs. This orange fiber is not for the common folk(yet.) Even still, it’s made from the waste that is created when making orange juice and other orange-based products so its carbon footprint is pretty small for this sort of thing. All around it’s a safe bet that one day in the next several years we’ll all own at least one frock that derived from citrus.

For now, thanks to a creation process that is prohibitively expensive for your average clothing manufacturer, the fiber that comes packed heavy with vitamin c will remain only in fashion shows. We’ll let you know when you can rush out to your local farmer’s market and get yourself some of your own, however. In the mean time , watch this informative video that is totally in Italian.


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