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Are illuminated clothing and fashion accessories the next trend? First there are the Fabric Switches in Jackets and accessories but Light Emitting Fabrics seem to be the second most desired object of Wearable Electronics. The GlowFur range created by designer David Lee is a class in itself.You will either hate it or love it, there is no between. GlowFur apparel will be not the best attire for business meetings but it will spice up your adventurous clubbing nights.

The idea to light up as disco queen or king is not new. Who does not have some glittery elements on the hip and groovy club wear or weekend party gear? Glitter elements and reflecting ink printings are often used in such outfits.

The big advantage of GlowFur is: you do not rely on reflecting someone’s light with all the glitter stuff on your Top, you are the light itself – how exiting!

How does the magic work?
David Lee does not give much details about the glow is created but says the technology is complicated. It involves wiring and batteries. You turn the lighting on with a switch that hides in the lining or pocket and use batteries that need to be replaced after about eight to 10 hours of constant wear. The garments don’t heat up, and they won’t electrocute you. Cleaning? Throw Glow-Fur clothes into the washing machine and wash with Woolite on a gentle setting.

Enough tech-talk, see the GlowFur magic in action in the video below:

GlowFur fashion apparels are made of faux fur with special internal lighting technology which is ‘Patent pending’. The GlowFur apparel line includes jackets, sweaters, vests, club wear and long coats for women and men. The long coats are the costliest for $975.

Head over to their online store and get dressed for your next clubbing night.

// GlowFur Company Profile

GlowFur is a closely held company headquartered in Colorado. The company is committed to developing amazing, fun, and outrageous Glowing fur apparel to the most fashionable people on earth. – View Profile

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