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ShadowTS Interactive Biker Jacket


coolGerman Motorbike accessories company ShadowTS has recently started shipping an awesome Biker Jacket called the Cool Interactive Wear.

The Cool Interactive Wear Jacket integrates functions like mobile communication via Bluetooth and entertainment via a built in MP3 player. This combination makes perfect sense for motorcyclists to manage their music and mobile communication while riding.

Electronics and high tech textiles are integrated in this product, opening a wide range of multi-functional possibilities to the biker he or she could only dream of until now.

The MP3 Player includes a Bluetooth module and is connected through a docking station built into the jacket. The MP3 player and mobile phone is controlled via a control panel integrated in the the right sleeve of the Jacket. The earphones and the microphone are located in the collar for easy cable management of the headphones and communication on the mobile phone.

So far – OK. The downside with this product is: it has its own MP3-player with the control electronic between MP3 player and mobile phone and the Bluetooth function all in one integrated.

No other portable Audio player like the iPod can be connected. To make things worse – there is only the choice of a 128 mbyte or 512 mbyte storage capacity. 512 mbyte storage for an Audio player in 2007 – the planned market introduction – is …ridiculous!

Come on, ShadowTS, no one will want songs on a obscure MP3 player.

A cool idea, a great look of the Jacket but the electronic part of this Wearable Electronic product needs some more work before launch.

The ShadowTS Interactive Biker Jacket will be shipping in March 2007 for 799.00 Euro. If you pre-order, don’t forget to to ask them for iPod compatibility …

We will give you an update coming March when the Cool Interactive Wearâ„¢ Jacket finally ships.

Main Type: Clothing
Features: Bluetooth
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// ShadowTS Company Profile

ShadowTS offers the newest generation of Bikerwear. Cool Interactive Wear combines high product quality with innovative technical solutions like interactive communication system integrated in the jacket for use with cell phones, MP3 player and other Bluetooth applications. – View Profile

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