JanSport Soundwave Jacket 1

JanSport Soundwave Jacket


JanSport Soundwave Jacket

Jansport has a jacket for the Ladies in their collection that might be just right for the cooler days and evenings that are typical for the late summer time.

The combination of a cute, fleece material with LiveWire+, Jansport iPod control system, and the comfortably stylish design give the Soundwave jacket a unique design.

The Soundwave Jacket feels smooth as one would expect from a fleece, while having a sleek exterior with rib knit cuffs and hem and an attractive hood. Including The Livewire+ keypad makes it the ideal fleece jacket for all the ladies that love to listen to music on the go.

Next to the LiveWire+ keypad for iPod control, the Sondwave jacket has a smooth shiny fabric on outside with fleece interior for comfort, Rib knit cuffs and hem and printed fabric-lined butterfly hood.

The LiveWireâ„¢ Soft-fabric keypad is integrated into jacket with the five-button command of iPod functions: volume, forward, reverse, pause, play power on and off.

All 3rd generation and newer iPods can be connected to the Soundwave jacket. The iPod can be stored save and sound in a special, protective pocket inside the jacket. A cord manager creates easy, convenient organization of headphone wires.

Coming at an affordable $ 129.99 as seen on Dom’s Outdoor.com and is available in the colors Orange and Blue.

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JanSport is the Original Outdoor Gear Brand that embodies a culture of fun and discovery. Jansport equips people globally with quality, enduring and reliable products that enable the freedom to experience lifes adventures. – View Profile

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