Harlequin WPB Jacket 1

Harlequin WPB Jacket


Harlequin WPB JacketYou guessed already that we started in our coverage of Wearable Electronics clothing to prepare you and us for the soon-to-start cooler and often rainy days that are so common for autumn weather.

To our delight, Jansport seems to have for every weather something in store. The Harlequin WPB Jacket for example is perfect for those rainy days where errands have to be done.

Made from a waterproof polyester dobby, the jacket helps to keep you and your iPod dry while walking around in wet conditions. The jacket comes with the LifeWire+ keypad that makes using your iPod easy and simple. Listen to music as you walk through the rain and feel comfortable and dry doing it.

The Harlequin iPod Jacket for women keeps not only your iPod dry and safely in your pocket, it organizes your headphone cord keeping it free of tangle and convenient to use.

Some of the features of the Harlequin Jacket: fully seam-sealed with reflective piping, soft-tricot lined hand pockets are zippered to protect the contents, adjustable elastic cuffs and of course the soft-fabric keypad with the five-button controls for all iPod from generation 3 onwards to control volume, forward, reverse, pause, play and on/off.

The Harlequin is available in Green, Orange, and Black for $179.99 by Dom’s Outdoor Outfitters.com

Harlequin WPB Jacket

Personally, I like the Orange style and as Styleguru.org recently highlighted on their blog: Orange is the new Black. They say: … Orange is one color that suits everyone.” And further: ‘… orange is a very soothing color that appeals to the senses and is also pretty refreshing.”

I fully agree with that and although the article on Styleguru.org is pointing out that orange is the color for spring 2008, I think it is not a bad idea to use the refreshing property of the color orange to brighten up the coming, rainy autumn time 2007.

Features: Rugged
Technologies: Livewire
Tags: iPod Fashion

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