Biodevices Vital Jacket 1

Biodevices Vital Jacket


Biodevices brings us the Vital Jacket. This garment is used to monitor ECG waves and Heart rate levels. This can be used for sports, fitness, and medical purposes.
Biodevices Vital Jacket
This beat traditional cumbersome methods and is a valid high quality solution. This allows for a free range of movement with no compromise to bio-feedback integrity.

There are currently two versions available, the HWM100 that stores data on a SD memory card for post-analysis on a PC. This version allows long term monitoring. Users can define heart rate limits and will be alerted through a vibration alarm embedded in the T-Shirt.
The second version is the HWM200 that allows realtime visualization where data is sent via Bluetooth to a PDA or smart phone.

This device will set you back $635.44 and is available soon.

// Biodevices Company Profile

Biodevices specializes in creating innovative vital monitoring clothing. Their entry into this emerging market is their VitalJacket, an extremely comfortable t-shirt that allows you to monitor your heart rate continuously for up to 5 days. – View Profile

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