Smack Sportswear Takes Bikinis and Trunks Into the 21st Century 1

Smack Sportswear Takes Bikinis and Trunks Into the 21st Century


Swimwear and sportswear are great. However, they haven’t exactly kept up with the times. Where are the super light, amazing new fabrics that promise enhanced performance without the negative stigma associated with doping? We don’t want to wear trunks made out of cotton. We want to wear swimsuits made out of awesome new kinds of metal that are so advanced that NASA uses them to work up prototype ships for Mars exploration! Never mind the fact that metal is heavy, rusts when wet and all of those other problems. Make it happen wearable technology industry! Oh wait. You already have? Carry on then.

Introducing the Smack series of sportswear that is powered by Phiten’s AQUA METAL technology. Holy shnikey that is a lot of marketing-themed catch words. What does it all mean? It means that these trunks are made out of a new kind of metallic alloy that allows for greater flexibility while playing volleyball, swimming or doing other outdoorsy odds and ends. The clothes feature metal mesh panels for breathability and “Phitenized” Micropoly/Spandex fabric that has quick drying and antimicrobial/ antibacterial properties. Sure, they love their catch words more than a first year advertising student, but by all accounts this tech does work and does add a needed boost to sporting activities.

There are all kinds of different pieces of clothing that use this tech, from trunks to bikinis, tops and whatever else you can put on your body to play sports in. The line is going to be volley-ball focused at first, with more specific items of apparel being added in the months to come. You can check out their Kickstarter and see if any of the items appeal to you. In the meantime, don’t wear a full suit of armor in the ocean. That’s a recipe for disaster, even if it will protect you from sharks.


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