Sonitus Medical's SoundBite dental hearing aid receives European approval 1

Sonitus Medical’s SoundBite dental hearing aid receives European approval


Sonitus Medical's SoundBite dental hearing aid receives European approval 2

Hearing aids are all the same right? Wrong. Most hearing aids, naturally, are placed inside of your ear. Sonitus Medical’s new Soundbite hearing aid is placed in your mouth. You read that right. This thing is a dental hearing aid.

The unit has just received European CE Mark certification, in addition to receiving FDA approval some time ago. You know what that means. This bizarre and yet useful device can be sold in most of the western world. Let’s get ready to rumble, and finally hear it this time.

How does it work? A custom fitted device is placed on your back teeth. It then wirelessly transmits data to another device that is located near your ear. The result? Perfect, pristine hearing. Now you can finally hear what everyone is saying about Rebecca Black! No word on pricing yet or when it will be made available.

// Sonitus Medical Company Profile

Sonitus Medical is a medical device company that is best known for their SoundBite dental hearing aid system. Sonitus Medical was founded in 2006, and is headquartered in San Mateo, California. – View Profile

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