Solar energy from your bag 1

Solar energy from your bag


I can’t help looking around for Wearable Solar products when the sun is shining all day long. Is it not obvious to make use of our bags and cover some of the surface with those flexible solar cells?

Catching sunlight in this way is completely free, does not change much on the way I carry my bag and having some extra juice gives a little peace of environmental mind.

Especially now when many look forward to have some days off and enjoy the outdoors and get the vacation adventure kick, looking around for a solar power bag might be a good idea.

Clear Blue Hawaii for example offers the Solarpac Series which consists of a Backpack, a Solar module that can be fitted to many other Backpacks and a waterproof Bag for the water enthusiasts.

Clear Blue Hawaii Solarpac Series

The Solarpac range is featuring a lightweight, weather proof and flexible solar panel which they claim is derived from military origins and is so robust that if a bullet were to pass through the panel, it would still work by drawing power from surrounding cells.

Now I hope your are not going that close to the action but it gives some assurance that those solar power bags are made to last for rough and rugged activities.

The Solar cells are designed to generate 6 Watts which can power almost all of your essential electronic action gadgets like Cell Phones, Digital Cameras, Camcorders, MP3 Players and GPS Units.

The Blue Sun Solar Backpack goes for $ 369.98, the Solar Claw (module) for 275.98 and the Waterproof Bag for 319.98

You can order them directly from Clear Blue Hawaii.

Main Type: Bags
SubType: Backpack
Features: Solar

// Clear Blue Hawaii Company Profile

Clear Blue Hawaii is mainly know for their Kayaks. Recently they have entered the wearable tech market with their Solarpac Series of Backpacks which incorporate solar cells to power electronic gadgets. – View Profile

Clear Blue Hawaii News

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