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Scrolling LED T-Shirt


Scrolling LED T-ShirtComputerGear is selling a LED T-Shirt that gives you another option to personalize your wardrobe.You can express yourself by beaming up right on your chest whatever message you want to give to the rest of the world.

Scrolling LED T-Shirt Specs:

  • With buttons on the back of the LED display you can enter 6 different messages.
  • The first message can be up to 512 characters long and for the remaining 5 messages up to 256 characters each.
  • The LED display measures 3″ x 1 1/2″ x 5/8″
  • Is powered by a replaceable 3V button cell battery (like the one used in watches)

There is of course an on/off switch for the display but you can control the speed of the text scrolling and the brightness of the LEDs as well. It’s not a ‘magic’ soft, textile or foil display just a conventional one used in many old fashion box devices. Not really Wearable Electronic but …. the T-Shirts are designed to give the display a secure and highly visible place

For whom is this for? I would think firstly for the really BIG computer Geek. Maybe something for our IT guys to display a message on their T-Shirt when they are ready to take a question. Usually I hit always the ‘busiest moment in their life’ if I need something fixed. Another use of the LED T-Shirt could be in advertisement where the LED T-Shirts might attract the attention so much needed in this business to shout their commercial messages out to the world.

The cost for the LED T-Shirt is very reasonable, it goes for just $ 39.95 and is available on their online store. Sizes range from small to XXL.

Main Type: Clothing
Technologies: LED

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