Nike C.O.R.E. Audio in rainbow colors 1

Nike C.O.R.E. Audio in rainbow colors


core_audio_pink1.JPGWho doesn’t like to give a personal touch to her/his outfit? We all add and change our clothing, mobile phones, iPods and even our cars to express our personality.

Nike understands this very well and offered for a long time the personalization option for their sport shoes and Backpacks.

With the latest addition to this personalization, Nike hit the sweetest of sweet spots.

The Air Zoom Moire+ shoes that go along with the new iPod Nano and the C.O.R.E. Audio Backpack, we reported about it not so long ago, can now be designed in your favorite iPod Nano color. Even better, you can further personalize with your name and other tweaks according your liking.

That’s the coolest of the cool we have seen so far in the Wearable Electronic market and another great addition to the iPod Fashion trend.


And it comes even better: the personalized C.O.R.E. Audio costs $ 110.- that’s just $ 10.- more than the regular C.O.R.E. Audio.

Go to the Nike online store and unleash your creativity.

Tip: by entering the ID site of the C.O.R.E. you will see first the basic, none Audio version. You can select the Audio version in the personalization part of the ID process.

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