Kombi Sports iRib iPod Glove 1

Kombi Sports iRib iPod Glove


Kombi Sports iRib iPod Glove

If you spend a lot of time snowboarding or skiing, you might want to take a look at the iRib Glove from Kombi Sports, a high quality glove with integrated iPod controls.

The iRib glove from Kombi Sports, a leading brand in ski and snowboarding gloves, launched the iRib a few days ago. The glove features Fibretronic?s five function joystick controller incorporated in the back of the hand.

The joystick controller connects to a wireless transmitter located in a waterproof pocket in the cuff of the glove. The transmitter sends the joystick commands to the iPod via a wireless receiver unit which connects to the iPod through the dock connector port.

The wireless control system on the glove can command the iPod remotely up to a distance of 10 meters. Enough to stay connected to your iPod as long as you are not completely separated from it.

Sure, these kind of gloves are not made to wear around the city but they do make sense if you are out and about skiing or snowboarding and want to have warm fingers and the right tunes for your action.

The Kombi iRib Glove for men, sorry no womens version available, features next to the iPod control full waterproofness, a goggle wipe, removable elastic runaway leashes and adjustable wrist straps. For comfort and mobility, Kombi has included a stretch thumb panel. Full finger wrap caps give this glove added durability.

We have seen the iRib glove by online retailer AlpineSkiCenter for $ 150.- but they only take USA domestic orders.

If you find the Kombi iRib on another online store with international shipping, please drop us a line in the comments.

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Kombi Sports founded in 1961 is a leading manufacturer of winter clothing. – View Profile

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