Peratech acquires Eleksen 1

Peratech acquires Eleksen


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Peratech Limited acquired the business of Eleksen from Deloittes, the appointed administrator of Eleksen plc and Eleksen Limited.

Eleksen filed Chapter 11 back in Oct. 2007 after being unsuccessful in raising additional capital for 2008.

Eleksen was a huge contributor to the Wearable Electronic and Interactive Clothing industry by working with major brands as O?Neill, ZegnaSport, Marks & Spencer?s, Kenpo, Jansport and many others over the past two years. A large range of products have been introduced using their technology.

Philip Taysom, joint CEO of Peratech commented ?The sad demise of Eleksen plc took everyone by surprise – and we have worked very hard to ensure there is a smooth transition for customers who had planned products based around Eleksen?s ElekTex apparel control products for the 2008 seasons – manufacturing is being brought back online and we look forward to fulfilling customer requirements in the immediate future.?

Peratech is known for inventing and developing QTC (Quantum Tunneling Composites), a technology for electro-active polymeric materials which enable the action of ?touch? to be translated into an electrical reaction. QTC materials allow to incorporate a very thin and highly robust ‘sensing’ of touch.

The QTC technology was commercialized by Peratech in 2006 and they arecurrently working with a number of clients to implement QTC sensing technology within their own products.

In 2006 Peratech also acquired another pioneer of smart fabrics, SOFTswitch and their technology and integrated it within its own QTC operation.

This is great news for the Wearable Electronic community. 2008 is already becoming a very interesting year with two promising announcements so far, one is the new CONNECTED-wear system from Fibretronic and now the revival of ElekTex sensors from Peratech.

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Eleksen, a division of Peratech is a world leader in smart fabrics and provides integrated fabric switching and sensing solutions. – View Profile

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