Double sided Fabric Keyboard from Eleksen 1

Double sided Fabric Keyboard from Eleksen


2sided_eleksen_keypad.jpgThe Wearable Electronic expert Eleksen did it again ….. surprising the world with a twist to their existing fabric keyboard range: the Double Sided USB Keyboard.This concept, presented by Eleksen during the 3GSM in Barcelona last week has a different set of keys on each side. On the top side is a standard set of QWERTY keys for text entry and whatever work you can do on a ‘normal’ computer keyboard but if you flip the keyboard over, you get the basics of a numeric key-pad, optimized key layout for page navigation and quick access keys for music.

The Douple-sided Keyboard is USB powered what let us assume this keyboard can be used with any device (incl. computer) that support USB keyboards.

A gravity switch in the plastic control module determines which side is facing up and which key mapping to use. Very smart keyboard control software solution that will act differently depending on side of the keyboard is facing up.

Amazing the creativity of Eleksen! As far as we can tell, there is no other technology that can do that, having two different key layouts and react depending which side is facing to the user. And all this on a thin fabric sheet.

John Collins, VP business development and marketing at Eleksen says: “Mobile devices are getting smaller and smarter. Unfortunately, control interface design for these devices isn’t keeping up with the richness of these platforms.”

With this Double-sided Keypoard, Eleksen is showing a very smart solution to overcome the usability problems from small, handheld devices. Roll it up when not needed but have a full size, multifunctional keyborad on hand anytime and anywhere.

This keyboard is a demonstrator but we hope it will be picked up soon by a company to commercialize it. It’s so amazing, it’s a must have.

Main Type: Input Devices
Technologies: Button/Switch

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Eleksen, a division of Peratech is a world leader in smart fabrics and provides integrated fabric switching and sensing solutions. – View Profile

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