Jezign Illuminating Sneakers 1

Jezign Illuminating Sneakers


Jezign, a Washington DC based shoe company started by Jez Marston specializes in illuminating sneakers.
Jezign Bubble Cloud Illuminating Shoe
The Bubble Cloud shoe features a sole that lluminates at the push of a button. The light source, which is based on Jezign’s patented technology, is powered from a replaceable battery stored in the shoes tongue. Using top grade glove leather, the shoes are flexible and comfortable.

Despite the obvious safety it can provide at night like the ONO shoes, these are designed for looks. These shoes start at $149.99 and other varieties are available.

Main Type: Sports
Technologies: LED, Lighting

// Jezign Company Profile

Jezign is a shoe company that creates “the shoes that light up”, mainly for people in the nightlcub scene. Jezign first released their products in 2007, and have since released a number of different designs and colors in their light up shoes. – View Profile

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