BIOTEX Body Fluid Analyizer 1

BIOTEX Body Fluid Analyizer


Now a days textile sensors generally monitor heartrate. BIOTEX, a European sponsored research project which is set up to develop biochemical-sensing techniques and their integration into textiles adds a new dimension to bio-textile-sensor technology: analyzing body fluids via textile sensors.
BIOTEX textile fluid sensor
Using a combination of hydrophilic (water-loving) and hydrophobic (water-repellent) yarns. Those two yarns can be woven to direct the sweat through fabric channels to a sensor area. It is a passive system that uses no power and so reducing the power demands of the BIOTEX system.
BIOTEX textile fluid sensor capacitor
Body fluids can provide valuable data about a persons well being. There are potentially many applications for such technology.

Main Type: Health
SubType: Concept, Safety
Features: Health Monitoring
Technologies: Conductive Yarn, e-Textiles

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The BIOTEX project aims at developing dedicated biochemical-sensing techniques compatible with integration into textile. This goal represents a complete breakthrough, which allows for the first time the monitoring of body fluids via sensors distributed on a textile substrate and performing biochemical measurements. BIOTEX is addressing the sensing part and its electrical or optical connection to... – View Profile

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