G-Tech Rave MP3 Backpack 1

G-Tech Rave MP3 Backpack


G-Tech, has in their extended Wearable Electronic Backpack range a model called ‘Rave‘ that gives control to any MP3 or other Portable Audio Player on the shoulder strap.

How is this done?
On the left shoulder strap there is a 3-button ElekTex® control panel, which allows you to control the volume of your portable device. This control panel needs two “AAA” batteries. You can connect your headset of choice via the universal headphone jack that runs through the shoulder strap.

This Backpack is designed for any portable audio device. The key pad features a keylock to protect against accidental operation. Keylock will automatically relock after 7 seconds of non-use. With these controls, you can adjust volume up/down, and lock that setting in place.

Although this control is limited to only 3 functions and needs batteries to operate, it’s the next best thing for people not having or want to have an iPod.

The Rave has of course all the other great features you would expect from a bag that costs $74.99 and can be ordered via this online store.

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G-Tech is a progressive wearable tech company based in Chino, California. They develop backpacks which incorporate iPod controls with built in speakers and solar cells. – View Profile

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