Enlightened Power Tie and Bra 1

Enlightened Power Tie and Bra


Ok one of these might be ok to wear to work, one may not. Enlightened now offers a new line called Power Ties. The company, founded by Janet Cooke, specializes in light up apparel.
Enlightened Power Tie
This particular tie has a circuit board design and features various lighting patterns. A style that may find a soft spot in the hearts of geeks everywhere. These ties are powered by 2 button batteries located within the back of the tie itself. The tie costs about $60.
Enlightened Nerve Bra
Also in the works is this fancy light up bra. Never lose your girlfriend in a crowd again. Enlightened offers a variety of these, check them out.

Technologies: LED, Light Emmiting Fabric
Tags: Textiles

// Enlightened Company Profile

Enlighted illuminated clothing specializes in the artistic integration of LEDs and other luminous materials with fabrics, creating high-quality lighted hats, bras, gloves, ties, coats, dresses, vests, shoes, pants, and belts, as well as many other types of garments and accessories. – View Profile

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