Forget Smartglasses, Here are Some Smart Diapers 1

Forget Smartglasses, Here are Some Smart Diapers


Smart stuff. The world is filled with these things. It wasn’t so long ago that glasses were glasses, watches were watches and tablets were usually made of stone. Times have changed, however. Nowadays our glasses can see holograms floating in front of our eyes, our watches do everything our phones do and our tablets, also, do everything  that phones do. It really is a marvelous world we live in, isn’t it? Some things, however, have been spared all of this technological smartening up. One such item? The humble diaper. Don’t look now. Even diapers are getting a tech-heavy upgrade.

This poopy goodness comes to us from Japan, which isn’t so surprising one surmises. These smart diapers have been equipped with a flexible sensor that has been  developed at the University of Tokyo. It’s constructed by a printable organic circuit, which is just the kind of thing that is going to begin popping up in all sorts of wearable technology. It detects changes in wetness, temperature and pressure and, thankfully, avoids detecting changes in smell(which might be a shade bit easier.) The information it collects can be sent to devices via a wireless connection. Of course, this could be of great use for senior citizens or for really tech-savvy babies.

It’s still in the development phase, so your local diaper shop is not going to be in stock just yet. The creators say they still have some kinks to work out. We’ll let you know when your booty will be safe to leave the house once again.


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