First Warning Systems presents a Smart Bra that continuously tests for cancer 1

First Warning Systems presents a Smart Bra that continuously tests for cancer


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October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month  and, as such, is the perfect time to get the word out about the early warning signs of breast cancer. Early detection usually means a full and speedy recovery, after all. Self-exams, mammograms and other useful tools all help to save lives. Saving lives is good. It’s the highest calling a new technology can aspire to. Meet the newest aspirant, a recent entry in the burgeoning smart bra market.

Introducing The Breast Tissue Screening Bra, by First Warning Systems. This smart bra contains sensors that measure small temperature changes, which occur when blood vessels grow to feed dastardly tumors.  These changes are typically minute and difficult for a woman to notice. Sometimes it takes years for them to show up. This bra cuts a huge swath into that time, thus potentially saving the wearer’s life in the process.

The sensors also send back a steady flow of related information, such as chronology of cell cycles. They also have self-learning pattern recognition systems and statistical analysis software to help spot changes or potential tumors before self-examinations or mammograms would pick them up. In short, this thing is awesome. The company has been working on it for over five years and all of that hard work definitely shows in the end product.

No word on the pricing, but one can assume with all of this life-saving tech it would be fairly steep. First Warning Systems plans to commercialize the bra in Europe next year, and to work with the FDA on approval in the United States in 2014.


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First Warning Systems is a company that aims to improve breast health screening methods. Using wearable technology, First Warning Systems does this through their Smart Bra, that can continuously check for cancer. – View Profile

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