Cabestan's Nostromo watch is filled with gears 1

Cabestan’s Nostromo watch is filled with gears


Cabestan's Nostromo watch is filled with gears 2

Sure, we all know watches have gears. But how many proudly display said gears on the outside? Cabestan’s new Nostromo watch does just that. The design is as quirky and cool as the movie that inspired it, Alien.

It features a titanium case, Superluminova phosphorescent coating for dusky situations and honest to goodness side windows(really.) This is probably the best watch any geek worth their salt can imagine. It’s not much by way of bells and whistles, but does it matter?

The watch is available now for the paltry sum of $141,000. Oh yeah. All of you just got really sad as soon as you read that. I feel your pain people. I feel your pain .

// Cabestan Company Profile

Cabestan is a luxury watch company that creates a number of interesting and innovative watches. Their goal is to push the boundaries of watch making and they do this through creating watches that work differently, look differently, and that are read differently. – View Profile

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