Breitling Emergency II Watch 1

Breitling Emergency II Watch


There are many situations where you could find yourself alone and in need of emergency relief. The idea behind this watch is to help people in that situation to get the relief that they need as soon as possible.

Essentially, the Breitling Emergency II Watch is a watch coupled with an emergency beacon. Often times people like sailors or hikers will bring an emergency beacon separately, but now they won’t need to worry about that, as they can simply strap their watch to their wrist and they have an emergency beacon strapped to their body.


The watch operates on two separate frequencies, the first a digital signal at 406 MHz, and the second an analog signal operating at 121.5 MHz. This is a step up from the original Breitling Emergency watch which only operated at one frequency, and was therefor easier to miss. Having two frequencies also makes it a lot easier for rescue teams to pinpoint the exact location of the person needing help. The emergency signal is activated by twisting and pulling the antenna located on the side of the watch.

The watch is definitely not slim. It weighs a whopping 140 grams – quite a lot for a watch, and is rather bulky compared to other watches. This is obviously to accommodate the beacon parts of the watch, and will be worth carrying for a lot of people.

The watch is made from titanium and is water resistant to 167ft (5 bar). The watch dials are available in black, yellow and orange. However, this watch sure won’t come cheap! at $17,000 or $18,600 if you want a titanium bracelet instead of a rubber strap, you had better be sure that this watch gets used!


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Breitling is a luxury watch brand based in Switzerland. Breitling was started in 1884, and aims to create watches that are not only stylish, but also extremely durable. – View Profile

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