Sonic Impact iPod Speaker Case 1

Sonic Impact iPod Speaker Case


Sonic Impact has introduced both Roxy and Quicksilver iPod Speaker Cases. These cases are speaker laden and protect you gear from sun, sand, wind, and dirt. The Roxy edition is $119.99 and the Quicksilver one is $99.95.
Sonic Impact iPod Speaker Case - RoxySonic Impact iPod Speaker Case - Quicksilver
There is a decent sound quality to the iPod case, Sonic Impact uses aluminum cone neodymium drivers combined with their and advanced Maxxbass technology that provides an enhanced bass response while minimizing distortion. 4x AA batteries will last a whole day but if you plan to use this cases as a backup in your home, there is an AC power adapter included as well. Also there a tan timer, the clock will alert you when it is time to flip. Dynomite.

Features: Mobile Integration
Technologies: Audio

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Sonic Impact Technologies established itself more than five years ago with a mission to apply innovative audio technologies to serve the consumer in ways that had not been done before. – View Profile

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