POGO Solar bag 1

POGO Solar bag


POGO Solar bag

This designer bag called the POGO Solar is produced by renown Berlin manufacturer Bagjack, who earned his reputation with highly durable messenger bags, integrates a flexible, specially designed solar module from Odersun AG.

The product specific solar module is laminated in film and converts sunlight into electricity, which is saved in a built-in battery. USB-compatible devices such as cell phones or MP3-players can be charged with the help of the “mobile plug” even when there is no sunlight.

The POGO Solar bag will be available in different colors for 149 Euro or 197 US$. Pre-order your bag now on www.odersun.de and get a 10% discount (134,10 Euros or 182 US$). No specific delivery date is set yet. We will watch out and give you an update as soon as the POGO bag is available.

Main Type: Bags
Features: Solar

// BagJack Company Profile

Bagjack specializes in handmade messenger bags. Based in Berlin they create innovative bags utilizing high tech features such as solar panels used to power devices. – View Profile

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