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Picard Solar Travel Bags


All right, it’s again Solar Bags today, please don’t shoot the messenger (bag). Our mission is to inform of all products in the clothing and soft goods arena that merge technology into clothing and, in this case bags, in a smart and seamless way.

Solar bags are everywhere this year and Picard, a German based high end bag company has just launched their Fall/Winter 2007 bag collection including 3 models with Solar power charging functionality for the environmental minded traveler.

Picard Solar Travel Bag

Picard bags are on the higher end of the price scale put also on the quality scale as they proofed in their more 100 years of being in the bag business. This high quality standard is also visible in the solar charging capabilities.

The ‘on-board’ Li-ion battery of the Picard Solar bags provide up to 14.4V and 4,500mAh, powerful enough to charge your laptop. With this power bags in your hands you have plenty of power to be charged up even on the longest long distance flights. No excuse anymore you didn’t have power in your seat on the plane.

But before you have access to so much power you (or at least your Picard Solar bag) needs to be around 21 hours in the sun. To help you in your planning, go for a weekend to the beach, relax, recharge and then up to your long trip for your business conference, eh – like Prague for example?

If you do not have time for the beach part in our planning, you can charge the Picard Solar bags in just 5 hours via mains or via car adapter.

All three Picard Solar bags can be ordered online by Sunload. The Picard Solar Messenger and Business Backpack goes for $ 1,100.- and the Solar Trolley for $ 1,375.-

If those prices are a bit too steep you can look around for solar Messenger bags from Sunload, who offer even customization of colors to match your outfit or style taste. The cost for Sunload’s bags is $ 660.-

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Features: Solar
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// Picard Company Profile

In 1928 Martin Picard, a craftsman specializing in quality bags, established with his sons Edmund and Alois the Picard Company in Obertshausen. The sample collection which travelled with Edmund Picard during the first years to Offenbach were transported on the front and back carriers of his bike. – View Profile

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