Orange UK's Sound Charge T-shirt uses sound to charge your phone 1

Orange UK’s Sound Charge T-shirt uses sound to charge your phone


Orange UK's Sound Charge T-shirt uses sound to charge your phone 2
Sure, some t-shirts do some pretty cool things. But do any use the power of sound vibrations to charge your mobile device? We think not, until now. Orange UK’s appropriately named Sound Charge T-shirt purports to do just that.

The shirt was designed to be used at loud music festivals. If your charge is running low on your phone, all you have to do is wear the shirt near some of the festival’s many mega-loud speakers. Before long, thanks to the magic of piezoelectrics, your phone will be charged. This is truly a cool and quirky use of technology if there ever was one.

Of course, it only works when it is near really loud sources of sound. Just because your ex-wive’s nagging seems loud to you doesn’t mean it is loud enough to charge your phone. Sorry about that.

Main Type: Clothing
Features: Mobile Integration

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Orange UK is a mobile service provider that is based in the UK and that is dedicated to providing the best and fastest mobile service in the UK. Orange UK is known in wearable technology for their Power Wellies. – View Profile

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