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Bogner LED Clothing


Regular readers of our blog will have recognized that light mitting clothing paints a sparkle on the eyes of designer as well as the audience. More so if the fusion of technology and fashion is done by high fashion designers like Willy Bogner.

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Bogner, a German based company with the focus on ‘competition sports meets fashion’ in a timeless design.

A collaboration between OSRAM which contributed the LED technology and Bogner climaxed in the presentation of the Ski fashion for the year 2036. I do not hope we have to wait until 2036 to be able and buy one of those gorgeous looking ski suits and hope the meaning of this year is to describe the level of fashion forward thinking of those companies.

An additional bonus feature is the use of solar panels to store sun light and power the LEDs when needed = in low light conditions.

For the technical interested readers: to bring out the sparkle in the ski suits, OSRAM used on the “Solar Light Suit” their Golden DRAGON LED type in a special version of the DRAGONx LED. Based on the thin film technology developed by OSRAM, these light sources boast a particularly high luminous efficacy.

The “Private Space Suit” features LINEARlight Flex LED strips. The LED module, which is fixed on a flexible and separable PCB, emits the light either at the top or at the side. Due to its low height, it can be fitted in extremely flat designs.

With these components on hand, the challenge is now on all the fashion designers to create 2036 fashion for the next season of 2008/09.

All this sparkle has also a practical value: increased visible on the ski slope in low visibility conditions. But I think this practical side will not be the real motivator for getting one of those 2036 Ski suits.

Main Type: Clothing
SubType: Safety
Technologies: LED, Light Emmiting Fabric

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Bogner is a German based company with a focus on competition sports meeting fashion in a timeless design. They specialize in marrying LED technology with winter clothing. – View Profile

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