Backpack drawing machine sketches world in real-time


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Backpack drawing machine sketches world in real-time 1

How many backpacks do you own that function as real-time world observers and sketch artists? Jansport this is not. Enter the Situationist Drawing Device, a real invention intended to map out the world around us.

It was concocted by designer Ji Soo Han and Paul Ornsby. It sits on your back, acting as a backpack of sort. Then it observes and sketches the world around you. How in the heck does it do that? It uses a series of placed mirrors that reflect to and from the user and, finally, to the input connections of the device. It is more or less an artistic expression than something that has real world applications. However, it sure is cool.

Obviously, this unit is concept only and probably won’t be turning up in store shelves anytime soon. A would-be artist can hope, though.

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