Under Armour's E39 electric compression performance shirt 1

Under Armour’s E39 electric compression performance shirt


Under Armour's E39 electric compression performance shirt 2

Working out is hard, um, work. Why not make it a bit easier, right? Under Armour hears your flabby, flabby pleas and have readier their E39 performance shirt. This amazing little doo-dad uses electric compression to give you the workout of your dreams.

The shirt comes equipped with with a triaxial accelerometer, processor, and 2GB of storage joined by additional monitors that measure the wearer’s heart rate and breathing. Your biometric data is then analyzed to show you what you are doing wrong and right with your workout. A clue: Sitting on your couch and eating nachos is probably gonna fall on the “wrong” side of that equation.

The NFL has already equipped a handful of players with the E39 shirts. Want more information? Check out this video.

Features: EnviroSensors
Technologies: Atmospheric Sensor

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Under Armour, founded in 1996 in Baltimore, Maryland, is a sports clothing company. Under Armour is best known in wearable technology for their fitness trackers. – View Profile

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