NuMetrex Heart Monitoring Clothes Top Gear Awards 1

NuMetrex Heart Monitoring Clothes Top Gear Awards


Winner of the Sports, Health & Fitness GearAwardsâ„¢ 2008, NuMetrex has cardio clothes covered. The NuMetrex Heart Sensing Sports Bra and the Cardio Shirt for Men got the Top Gear medal while the Heart Sensing Racer Tank was awarded the Great Gear medal.
NuMetrex Top Gear award for heart monitoring clothes
The great part about Numetrex is that interchangablibity of the wrist monitor with the various models of clothes. They were a pioneer in this field. Cool Stuff.

Main Type: Smart Clothes
Features: Health Monitoring

// NuMetrex Company Profile

NuMetrex makes heart monitoring apparel featuring special sensing fibers that are knit directly into the fabric. The NuMetrex line of heart rate monitor athletic apparel was created by Textronics, Inc., a leader in the development of wearable sensors for fitness and health monitoring. – View Profile

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