Massage Me Jacket


Massage me JacketHannah Perner-Wilson and Mika Satomi are two very creative people extremely passionate about wearable tech.

Their fascination in Wearable Technologies combined with studies in Industrial Design and Interface Cultures enabled them to create Wearable Electronic projects like the Massage me Jacket, a unique video game controller.

The ‘Massage me’ concept is a wearable massage interface that turns a video game player’s excess energy into a back massage for your partner or loved ones. Playing Massage me requires two people, one who wears the jacket to receive the massage and one who massages the person wearing the jacket.

Soft, flexible buttons are embedded in back of the jacket so that wearing it turns your back into a gamepad. All you need to do is to sit or lay down in front of a video game player and you will be able to enjoy a back massage while the game lasts.

Otherwise wasted button-pushing energy is transformed into a massage and the addicted game player becomes an inexhaustible masseur. Video Gaming becomes a healthy pastime – kids of all ages will love this.

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