Digg Me Shirt DIY T-Shirt 1

Digg Me Shirt DIY T-Shirt


Digg Me Shirt DIY T-Shirt

Behold the ‘digg me’ Shirt, a very thorough Wearable Electronic Instructables project. The ‘digg me’ Shirt is a truly Wearable Electronic DIY project combining the usage and creativity of the popularity of a Social News website, e-textiles, clothing and electronic elements.You’ll find tips and tricks and will see how to create your own DIY ‘digg-me’ shirt over at the Instructables project. You’ll aslo find a concept for making your own e-textile switch.

The ‘digg-me’ shirt comes from Instructables member thydzik who has created an excellent instruction down to the smallest details on how everyone can/could create his/her own digg-me Shirt.


Wearing this T-Shirt will show how popular you are – like on the Internet with the digg-it badge on your website. It’s never been easier to have double fun: first by building the digg-me shirt and then by wearing it and collecting your diggs.

What is Digg.com?

A place for people to classify content from anywhere on the web. In certain circles a high digg number means importance, relevance, popularity. Collecting many diggs on your shirt will attach those attributes to your Web2.0 citizenship.

Be sure to visit the DIY tutorial of the DIGG-Me Shirt.

Main Type: Clothing
SubType: DIY
Technologies: Button/Switch, Display

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