Designer Bags use Recycled Soyuz Space Parachutes 1

Designer Bags use Recycled Soyuz Space Parachutes


Designer Bags use Recycled Soyuz Space Parachutes

What do you do when you find a Soyuz parachute from a mission to the space station? If you’re Everquest Design Inc. of Canada, you transform them into unique, designer bags and sell them on eBay!

Everquest Design specialise in unique, limited edition bags with authentic parachutes from Space Station missions, America’s Cup sails, Mount Everest Expeditions and more. The Soyuz bags are a simple, unique “piece of adventure” all the way from outer space to your shoulder.

Everquest Design says “It’s all about having a different kind of bag. We believe there is brand scepticism (is it a real Prada bags or a fake?) and brand fatigue. People are looking for adventure and authenticity; they want to stand out in theever-growing Sea of Sameness. And it’s not about being able to spend the big bucks anymore; it’s about having something unique”.

The recycled Soyuz space bags redefine authenticity and “limited edition” with a Zero-Copy concept: every bag features a different piece of space parachute material. No two bags can be identical since every piece of cloth is already unique. Each bag comes with a certificate of authenticity and the limited number of Soyuz parachutes means the limited edition bags are guaranteed (unless Russian capitalism senses a marketing opportunity).

The bags are designed for the city commuter looking for a cool messenger-type bag with Personality, and can be ordered from They come in a range of urban, laptop and shoulder designs.

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// Everquest Design Company Profile

Everquest Design designs and markets original eco-friendly, one-of-a-kind functional products made with recycled textiles from Cirque du Soleil show tents, original advertising billboards, Soyuz space mission parachutes or Mt Everest expedition material. – View Profile

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  • Everquestdesigns received payment from me for an expensive Soyuz messenger bag six months ago. It was intended to be a birthday gift for my son and he was really looking forward to it. They never sent the item that I paid for and ignored all my follow-up mails. Their telephone number answers to an answering service that does not return any of the calls and their address has a fictitious postal code. According to there are others with similar experiences so potential buyer beware.

  • I too was scammed by them for quite a large order which I also did not receive. They completely ignore all my calls and mails. Before parting with money I should have been more careful. I did a little checking up on them since and it appears that they only reply if you try to place an order (their number is answered by a messaging service, and it now appears that their address is bogus!). After reading up on similar experiences I decided to file a complaint with the relevant Canadian authority. Let’s see what happens.

  • Marco Schiaffo
    October 27, 2011 6:02 pm

    Not true. This was a site set up by a Canadian known as Jean Luc Marcoux and another guy going by the name of O’Neill. JL Marcoux is a plain fraudster and the brains behind this seemingly clever concept which has scammed a lot of unsuspecting buyers.

  • This was a scam by a Canadian self-proclaimed ‘green marketeer’ Jean-Luc Marcoux who had set up a fraudulent operation known as EVERQUEST DESIGNS supposedly selling bags made out of space material. After collecting many deposits from unsuspecting buyers he closed down the site and has since disappeared.


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