Adafruit Animated Pixel Suspenders 1

Adafruit Animated Pixel Suspenders


The Adafruit Flora has popped up a lot over the past few months as a great platform for wearable technology. Adafruit has used the Flora for a lot of it’s wearables. Well now there’s a new idea from Adafruit. Animated pixel suspenders. If you want to hold up your pants in style, this might be a piece of clothing for you!


Essentially, you really don’t need all that much material to make your own animated pixel suspenders, and the tutorial for how to do it is posted on the Adafruit website. Like a number of Adafruits other ideas, the technology uses conductive thread and different colored LED lights.

The animation itself was inspired by Pacman, but you can change the animation and colors used in the suspenders.

Adafruit has been coming up with some great ideas for wearable technology over the past few years and this is no exception! Not only that, but the tutorial is a breeze to use and follow. Check it out for yourself!

Technologies: LED
Tags: pixel, suspenders

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