New Flex Sensors Could Bring Down the Cost of Wearable Tech 1

New Flex Sensors Could Bring Down the Cost of Wearable Tech



When it comes to wearable tech one of the biggest challenges in the field is sensors. By definition they are going to get daily use in most applications and they have to be able to withstand the rigors of day-to-day life. But if wearable tech is ever going to take off then there is one more thing they are going to have to be too. They have to be inexpensive. After all if devices are too expensive they will never have a large customer base.

A new generation of sensors is coming out to help fix this issue. One company, Plastic Logic, has a promising new sensor. The sensor is a flexible square of a camera. For the time being the camera sensor does have a limited quality, its resolution is at 94 x 95 pixels, but when you consider that the camera is only 40 x 40 mm that is not too bad. It won’t be replacing your iPhone any time soon, but for things like fingerprint identification it could work quite well.

Source: Slash Gear

Image: Morgue File

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