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Muse 2
Muse 2
Muse 2
Muse 2
Muse 2


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3 reviews for Muse 2 Headband

  1. hank43

    It still does not work half the time even with version 2. They need to get it right. I purchased this device in 2016, 2017 and 2018 thinking that may improve and as a confirmation of my regular meditation. Now I know that being mindful, as much as possible every minute of your life and every so often sitting, standing or laying and listening to your body and mind works best. NO DEVICE NEEDED.!!!!!!!!

  2. ZenMonkey

    I had been using the original Muse since June and was enjoying the improved state of calm. Then I saw the Muse 2, and their promotional materials that spoke to all new features and data. I figured it would provide better feedback on my meditation practice. Unfortunately, that’s not the case. First, the Muse 2 drops connections 2-4+ times during a 30 minute meditation session. Before it drops, it will either give lots of static/rain sound with no change as I focus my attention. Alternatively, it will give the impression that I’m perfectly present with only birds chirping. Reconnecting (Android) takes several attempts. Also, I have left my Muse charging over night but find that the battery indicator in the software shows less than a full charge. The app crashes upon opening about 30-50% of the time. But the biggest annoyance is that all of the additional sensors (heart rate, movement, breathing) can’t be used together with the brain sensors. In other words, where I would have expected to see my calm/neutral/active graph with the HR, movement and breathing lines overlaid, that’s not how it works. Instead, it appears that only one set of sensors is used at any one time, so you get movement OR heart rate OR breathing OR brain sensing. I wish I hadn’t spent the extra money on the Muse 2 and had stuck with my original Muse.

  3. John P. Griffin

    This device worked perfectly right out of the box. But when I tried to use it the next day (fully charged) it would not work at all. It would connect to the app but it would not pick up any signal. I tried all of the tricks that the app and website suggest but still nothing. I got an email regarding updating the app. So I did that and the headband updated as well. And still no consistent connection. I cannot even start a session – I can’t get past the initial connection screen! And if I am lucky enough to get past the initial connection, it fails in the calibration routine due to lost connection.I bought this to relax and now I am more stressed out about wasting my money!

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Muse 2 Headband