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EnChroma Color Blind Correcting Sunglasses

Enchroma has developed cutting edge patented color blind correcting technology. They put this technology into a premium Trivix lens material for optimal clarity, lightness, and strength. With a variety of frame styles to choose from you can see better in style with EnChroma CX Sunglasses. Color Blind Fixing Glasses from Enchroma.

  • Frame fit: Adult regular
  • Multiple colors
  • Sunglass Lenses
  • Anti-reflection coated for maximum optical clarity.
  • Hydrophobic coating: easy to clean.
  • CUTTING-EDGE TECHNOLOGY FOR COLOR BLINDNESS: As featured in the New York Times, Smithsonian magazine, NPR, Bloomberg Business and others, Enchroma created a new frontier in color vision technology. Utilizing a patented lens technology applied with mathematical precision, EnChroma glasses are designed to address most common forms of red-green color blindness featuring our classic Cx3 Sun™ outdoor lens


Enchroma Glasses Ellis Matte Black
Enchroma Glasses Ellis Matte Black. Condition is "Pre-owned". Shipped with USPS First Class.
EnChroma Pre-Owned Ellis Cx3 Sun Outdoor Glasses for Red/Green Color Blindness
EnChroma® Ellis Cx3 Sun is an essential frame with lens technology engineered to deliver clear, vibrant color and 100% UV protection for those with most types of red-green color blindness. Handcrafted in Italy, this classic frame is made with TR-90 material for durability and flexibility to...
EnChroma Pre-Owned Ellis Cx3 Sun SP for Strong Protan Red/Green Color Blindness
EnChroma® Ellis Cx3 Sun SP (for those with Strong Protan color blindness) is an essential frame with lens technology engineered to deliver clear, vibrant color and 100% UV protection for those with most types of red-green color blindness. Handcrafted in Italy, this classic frame is made with...
EnChroma Pre-Owned Bancroft Cx1 Indoor Glasses for Red/Green Color Blindness
A medium sized frame, Bancroft’s rectangular rims are gently rounded for a universally flattering look, with a slightly thicker brow bar to add an extra dash of style. Made from lightweight stainless steel, Bancroft is built to last. Features optical quality spring hinges and silicone nose pads....
Ellis Cx3 Sun Outdoor Glasses - For Red-Green Colorblindness
Ellis is an essential wayfarer frame with lens technology engineered to deliver clear, vibrant color and 100% UV protection for those with most types of red-green color blindness. Handcrafted in Italy, this classic frame is made with TR-90 material for durability and flexibility to retain its...


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EnChroma CX Sunglasses
released on April 14, 2017

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10 Reviews for EnChroma CX Sunglasses

  1. Northern Mom

    I got these for my son for his birthday in September. His reaction made it the perfect gift! He told me that he never realized how much color there is in the traffic lights 🙂 The reason I am giving these a 4 star review rather than a 5 star review is because one of the lenses fell out of the frame while he was driving to my house for Thanksgiving. Unfortunately, the screw was not able to be found and he has to find an eyeglass repair kit to hopefully get them back in working order. For glasses that cost as much as these do, I expected them to hold together a bit better than this. Nevertheless, he loves them and is looking forward to getting them repaired soon!

  2. Tom

    I have moderate deuteranomaly (most common form of colorblindness – the red-green kind). I considered purchasing EnChroma glasses when I first heard of them a few years ago, but the price tag seemed too high and I wasn’t sure they would work. I received these as a surprise birthday gift and…well, I should have purchased them years ago. These are absolutely incredible! I had no idea I was missing out on so many colors! Trees/leaves/bricks that I KNEW were greenish-brown were actually full of color! So many reds and purples and oranges out there that I had always thought were just drab brown.These are a game changer. I’m going to purchase the inside version of EnChromas. Time to make up for all the years worth of colors I’ve missed out on!

  3. Joe Pellegrino

    I guess no one really buys these on Amazon but I figured this was the best place to leave a review.My fiance and I planned to buy these glasses for her father for around 5 years. He is considered to be moderately red/green colorblind. We gave the glasses to him for his birthday. At first, it didn’t really seem like they worked. The sun was nearly down and it wasn’t very colorful outside. He kept them on anyway and about 30 minutes later he really started to notice the difference.We broke out crayons and markers and went to town. For the most part, he was able to distinguish the colors better than normally. He made comments about wishing he could wear them all the time and bringing them to work. Today, he told us that he wore them all day today and could really see a difference.I was skeptical but they honestly work. Are they worth the money? Kind of. They aren’t as expensive feeling or looking as you would expect. I get that the science is all about the lenses but still they definitely could be cheaper. That being said, my fiance and i are happy to have spent the money. It was worth saving for them for the amount of time that we did.If you have the money and are thinking about getting these, I recommend them.

  4. Dragon

    Based on my life experience and EnChroma’s own online color vision test, I’m a strong protan, which means red looks very dim to me, and I can have trouble distinguishing red, orange, brown, yellow, and green. I put on these glasses and everything looks exactly the same. I also got the same results from the color vision test.In contrast, two glasses from Pilestone (available on Amazon) did have an effect. The “Pilestone Fox News Reported: Golden Mermaid GM-2 Color Blind Corrective Glasses” dramatically dimmed greens and brightened reds. On the color vision test, I got either deutan (green looks dim) or normal color vision. The “Pilestone TP-012 Color Blind Corrective Glasses for Red-Green Blindness” had a milder effect: green was a bit dimmer and red a bit brighter, and my test result was moderate deutan.

  5. Paul D.

    Enchroma fit over glasses well and are not too dark. As for color correction, I have strong duteranopsia, typical of men. The lenses increase red vision and make bright reds stand out. This is at the expense of blue, which is reduced. Green is unaffected. Regrettably they are not polarized, which would have improved them.Overall, they are good for viewing fall colors. Are they better than the cheap ones? Yes. Their strategic correction is much more tolerable.

  6. George

    Worth the price to change my son’s world!

  7. Bradford H Maas

    Glasses did not help improve my red-green color blindness very much.

  8. Dennis McRitchie

    Glasses are well made, fit well, and darken sufficiently for our bright Arizona skies. However, they did not work for me.I took the colorblind test 3 times: once on a Dell PC in a darkened room (Strong Deutan), and twice on my Samsung Galaxy S7 (once in a lit room (Mild Deutan) and once in a darkened room (Mild Protan)). As you can see, each time I got a different diagnosis; also the test consistently crashed before the end when I took it on my PC in a normally lit room. None of this inspired confidence, but the website said that these glasses would help for all 3 diagnoses, so I decided to give it a try.In most cases it made little or no difference in my color perception, and in a few cases it made it worse: e.g., white flowers looked pink, and vibrant purple flowers looked dull.Maybe someday they’ll be able to make glasses that work for my condition, but I had to return these.

  9. L. Kiddy

    Before you start down the process (and yes it is a process) of purchasing any of the colorblind glasses out there, you need to educate yourself on what they are supposed to do and what to expect.First, they are not meant to “correct” colorblindness. I hate the description of “color correcting glasses” because they give the wrong message to consumers. The glasses are meant to shift the color spectrum so that the person can see contrast between colors. The person wearing the glasses will never see colors the way that the rest of us do, but it should allow for an easier time to distinguish one color from another or more of a definition between colors that used to look identical. Also they may have an effect on existing colors that the person can currently see.Second, there are several different types of Color Blindness (Red/Green, Blue/Yellow, and Complete) which is why there are several different kinds of glasses on the market. And each type of color blindness has different versions and severity. If you try one pair and they do not work – doesn’t mean that another type of lens won’t work. You may have to try several pairs to find the right one. Just because a test says you are a certain way doesn’t mean you have to only try lenses for that type. Be willing to be flexible and try other lenses. Enchroma understands this and is great and refunds/echanges.Third, you have to leave the glasses on for a while before you expect to see any difference. An instant result is not the normal response for everyone. Because everyone’s eyes are different the time it takes to noticed or perceive changes are different. When you try them, leave them on for at a minimum of 10 minutes before you really try to look around for any differences. The longer the better. For some it will be instant but most will take time.Lastly, these glasses don’t work for everyone. You must prepare yourself for that fact going into it. You could try every lens on the market and they still won’t work for you. It’s not a problem with the glasses, it’s just your eyes aren’t going to adjust to the color shift. This can be very disappointing but if you prepare for this possible outcome going in, it might lessen the sting if you are one of those that none of the lenses work.Now some background on my son’s specific needs and color deficiency. He wears prescription glasses and is blind without them, so we had to have something that went over his regular glasses. We would prefer a clip-on version so that he wouldn’t have to keep up with another pair of glasses but clip-ons are not an option for Enchroma so we ordered the Receptor Fitovers. He most often tests as Strong Protan which is a strong red/green deficiency and that is the lens type we started with. Before I even purchased the first pair of glasses, I explained to him all the points I discussed above so he was informed of the possible outcomes.Also know that we had ordered the Strong Protan clip-on version of the Pilestone as well and did a side by side comparison of the glasses. I will not review the Pilestone here since this is for the Enchroma glasses, but you can go to the Pilestone clip-ons TP-018 item on Amazon to read that review if you are interested.The lenses for Strong Protan are Cx3 Sun SP (the SP ironically stands for Strong Protan). They are meant for the people that need the most help in distinguishing reds. For this reason, the lenses will be tinted noticeably red. Don’t let that frighten you off. When my son put on the glasses he stated that the red was noticeable at first but it didn’t take very long at all for him to say that he no longer noticed the red haze. He said the glasses were comfortable and they fit very well over his glasses. Not too tight but snug enough that there wasn’t a concern about them falling off his face. Since these are outside glasses, we were outside when he put them on. He said that the reds looked like reds and oranges looked like orange but he could finally notice the difference between purple/blue and green/browns and even some blue/grays. He said that the glasses made some of the colors “pop” and that the world was clearer. We went for a drive and he looked at everything and the only complaint he had were that the greens looked duller now. In addition, some of the greens shades he could see without the glasses were now just one color with the glasses. So although he could distinguish some of the colors now it seemed to over-correct on the other color spectrum. I decided that he just might not be as strong as some of the tests suggested and opted to try the other lens type.So we ordered the Cx3 Sun Lens. When the glasses arrived, we went outside and let him look around. He immediately said there was no tint at all with these glasses. All the color differences from before were still there; however, he couldn’t stop talking about the greens and how the glasses didn’t make the greens dull anymore and how he could see several shades of green in the bushes and trees. We drove around town and he was so surprised that the yellow and green traffic light colors were very different from each other (he didn’t noticed this with the SP version of the glasses). He said without the glasses he could tell they were different in shading but with the glasses they were very distinct from each other. He was amazed that the world is “so colorful” and that it was “bright”. Said that for the most part the blues looked the same but the sky was so much prettier with the glasses. We drove by a building that had a bright purple awning that he used to think was blue and I had to park in the parking lot so he could stare at the purple. Now Enchroma actually has indoor glasses as a separate product to the outdoor glasses so I really didn’t expect for these to work inside; however, my son wouldn’t take the glasses off and he walked in the house to look around. When I asked him if they were too dark he said no they were just fine. I put them on and was surprised that they really weren’t as dark as I expected. My sunglasses were darker than the Enchromas. Now, when the sun went down there was a difference and I noticed he was turning on more lights than he normally did but that was okay.So these glasses worked for my son which was a relief because I’m sure he would have been crushed had they not worked; however, we had to try both sets of lenses offered by Enchroma before we found the right pair. Although he tested for Strong Protan – the SP lenses were too strong. We are very happy with the standard outdoor lenses in the Receptor Fitover frames – for now. We’ve only had these last and final pair a few days and so I can’t speak to their longevity; however, if we experience any issues with them – I will certainly update my review. For now, they gave my son the results we were hoping for which was the ability to distinguish colors from each other more easily.

  10. Robert Leigh

    I’d never seen Purple, Pink or Brown before putting on EnChroma’s glasses. There are a lot of shades that I haven’t yet been able to name. I can’t wait to see a rainbow with more than three colors!

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