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8 Reviews for Therapeutic Infrared Hand Glove

  1. Amanda H.

    I’ve enjoyed using this infrared device on my arthritis. The warmth is soothing while I’m using it.

  2. Reed

    I’m currently using this glove to help heal De Quervain’s tenosynovitis.It is one glove so keep that in mind. Air only lights up on one side of the glove and has mesh that keeps it in place on your hand. You can rotate the glove to get multiple angles if healing.You’ll feel the warmth from it and it feels nice. It does provide pain relief.HSA/FSA eligible so you can use pre-tax dollars on it.

  3. Tr7k

    It is easy to use and pain and stiffness seems to improve

  4. john walker

    A++ works great – easy to use – convenient!Great transaction with the seller!

  5. Thomas Miller

    Works as advertised. Helped my hand tremendously.

  6. Kyle

    Very comfortable fit, was able to use while in bed. The charger cord is a great length. I’ve used for about a week consistently and I believe I can tell a difference…excited to see long term use wise.

  7. Courtney Mullins

    Very comfortable to use! I can definitely feel a difference on my hands, I can even wear it when I’m in the bed & the cord reaches from all the way from the other side of the bed! This will definitely be a long term product to keep using! Definitely recommend!

  8. Mindjacked

    This is a nice product easy to use and the cord is long enough you can be comfortable while using. I think it is helping with my hand pain and I am hoping with this I can stop the cortisone shots. This seems like a great product for home use.

  9. C. Bodkin-Clarke

    Purchased for my mom about has arthritic symptoms in her hand. Product does as described with even heat distribution to entire hand. Still too early to tell if heat will significantly ease her arthritis pain. She has seen some improvement but needs more time for assessment.

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Therapeutic Infrared Hand Glove

Relieve hand and wrist pain with Infrared Light Therapy Glove.

Therapeutic infrared hand glove with red light therapy, heating pad, and compression support. Safe, non-invasive pain relief for hand joint pain. Clinically proven, endorsed by health professionals.

- Pain relief
- Improved circulation
- Portable


- Expensive
- Limited effectiveness
- Requires electricity


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The Infrared Red Light Hand Therapy Glove with Flexible Wearable Thermal Pad Device is an innovative solution for those struggling with hand and wrist pain. This product is designed to provide deep relief from skin surface inflammation and joint pain, making you feel comfortable and pain-free. What sets this product apart is its ability to offer high-quality features at an affordable price.

This product offers a range of benefits, including effective relief from arthritis and carpal tunnel syndrome. The 660NM red light and 880NM near-infrared light work together to provide relief from the inside out, deeply relieving skin surface inflammation and deep joint pain. The gloves also provide quick warmth to help deal with sudden finger stiffness, and the adjustable carpal tunnel compression strap provides all-round relief for your hand pain.

Other features of this product include a 1800mAh mobile battery that provides a full charge that can be used for four consecutive treatments, making it easy to use on the go. The built-in intelligent 20 min automatic shutdown system ensures that you don’t have to worry about irregular light therapy time. Additionally, the gloves have 30 pcs red and infrared light, best for pain relief as it provides a maximum of 50w/cm2 irradiance, making it the best choice to help hand skin and joints absorb light therapy energy.

The Infrared Red Light Hand Therapy Glove with Flexible Wearable Thermal Pad Device is FDA cleared and has been tested and proven safe & effective for hand pain relief. The medical team provides customized light therapy advice and 90-day hassle-free returns support, making these hand therapy devices worth owning for a pain-free life.



  • Reduces pain from the inside out with 660NM red light and 880NM NIR
  • Elastic wraps give compression support to relieve carpal tunnel pain
  • Provides quick heating pad to keep hands warm and reduce stiff fingers
  • 1800mAh rechargeable battery for 20 min of smart timed therapy
  • Built-in 30 LED chips with perfect wavelength combination Clinically Proven
  • Maximum pain relief with infrared light therapy, heating pad, and compression support
  • Safe and non-invasive method to treat hand joint pain without side effects
  • Endorsed by health professionals and positive user experience
  • Customized light therapy advice and 90-day hassle-free returns support
  • Breathable, lightweight, and comfortable design with adjustable compression
  • // SPECS

    Package Dimensions10.63 x 6.85 x 1.46 inches, 10.86 Ounces
    Batteries1 Lithium Ion batteries required. (included)
    Date First Available2022, December 12
    Therapeutic Infrared Hand Glove
    released on December 12, 2022

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    Infrared Red Light Hand Therapy Glove with Flexible Wearable Thermal Pad Device, 660NM LED Red...
    Infrared Red Light Hand Therapy Glove...
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    Relieve hand pain and stiffness with the Therapeutic Infrared Hand Glove. Its infrared technology helps improve circulation and reduce inflammation, promoting healing. The breathable, lightweight design allows for comfortable wear during everyday activities. With adjustable compression, it fits most hand sizes for easy use. Get relief from arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, and other hand conditions with this therapeutic hand glove.

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