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WarmX Heated Underwear


WarmX Heated UnderwearGermany’s advanced e-Textiles company WarmX has a great product many of us are craving for right now: electrically heated underwear. A flip of a switch is all it takes and in no time your body gets hugged by a waive of warmth.

There are many heated clothing products on the market which work well but most if not all of them are a bit bulky. WarmX products stand out with their seamless integration of the heating elements into fabrics without adding any bulk.

Conductive polyamide fibers are directly woven into the fabric which are then supplied with electricity by a small rechargeable battery. The knitted fabric warms directly on the skin – completely without heating wires!

In this way only a very small amount of electricity is needed compared to other heated clothing technologies that warm up layers of fabrics before reaching your skin.

The above pictured undershirt, available for men and women, has two warming zones placed around the kidneys. In the kidney region the body is highly temperature sensitive and the subjective feeling of ‘being warm’ is when the kidneys are warmed. Interestingly, feet and hands won’t cool down that fast, because the blood of the body runs through the kidneys and is warmed up there.

The WarmX undershirts are machine-washable (without mini power-controller). This mini power controller has 3 heating modes and the rechargeable battery lasts between 2.5 to 5.5 hours depending on your needs for warmth.

The cozy warm Undershirt set goes for $ 355.85 in the colors white, blue, dark green and black directly by WarmX

Main Type: Clothing
SubType: Heated Clothes
Features: Heating

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WarmX produces heated clothing, mainly heated underwear for the cold seasons of the year. – View Profile

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