FootLume Glow Rug 1

FootLume Glow Rug


Smart fabrics don’t have to be limited to clothing. FootLume is an area rug that glows. Despite its artistic look, there are practical implications here. Pressure sensors on the rug activate electroluminescent designs to make the rug glow when stepped on. This is simialr to the WiFi detecting shirt we previously wrote about.
FootLume Glow Rug
This is not the first of home good that illuminate. There was also the really cool glo Pillow to ease you awake. This FootLume gently lights up as you walk on it in the dark. This allows you to navigate a room in the dark with out having to light up the whole room. The gentle glow gives just enough light to keep you from seriously hurting yourself or pets.
FootLume, created by Zoe Robson and Leona Dean to“… the glow that the rug emits is very soft which could make the rug useful as a child’s night light. Another use could be to help the elderly to find their way in the dark. A great idea is to use the glow rug to light the way to bed after a night in the pub without waking up your partner.”
FootLume EL Glowing rug sequence
“It can provide ambient mood lighting, or flash in time to music as a talking point at a party. The manufacturing techniques mean that the styling of the product can easily be changed to suit the end user.”

Main Type: Home
SubType: Other
Technologies: Light Emmiting Fabric
Tags: Footlume

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