E-Textiles Symposium at IFAI EXPO 2007 1

E-Textiles Symposium at IFAI EXPO 2007


Just a friendly reminder for our dear readers: IFAI EXPO 2007 is starting in two days (Oct. 3) and on the same day the E-Textiles symposium will be held from 8:30 am – 12:30 pm.

E-Textiles Symposium at IFAI EXPO 2007

The E-Textiles Symposium offers a journey into the vast world of Smart Textiles by exploring revolutionary fabrics, e-textiles, i-textiles, flexible batteries, yarns and textile circuitry.

Especially Designers, Engineers, Research and development, Manufacturers and Marketing specialists will get useful information and networking opportunities to benefit their future work on Wearable Electronic products.

To get tuned into this event, Patricia Wilson, President of Fabric Works a consultancy firm for integration of e-textiles and coauthor of the book ‘Extreme Textiles‘, gives an over view and teaser in a Podcast about the E-textile symposium on IFAI’s website.

Patricia is talking about the impact the iPod has on Wearable Electronics and points out the huge popularity Solar fashion and in specific the Solar bags have in 2007.

She describes in the Podcast the difference of Smart Textiles which can be classified as textiles that response for example to temperature or heart rate and trigger predefined functions or actions. Electronic Textiles are, according to Patricia, textiles that carry electronic functions like buttons or light or other electronics.

Marketing, advertising and sale trough experience sharing will be on the agenda of the E-textile symposium as well as the topic of Standardization in the Wearable Electronic domain which Patricia sees as a need to enable more efficient and faster development of Wearable Electronic products.

Check out the Podcast and hear for yourself what Patricia planned to cover during the E-textile symposium coming Wednesday.

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