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The LUMOS Matrix Smart Helmet is a sleek urban helmet with bright customizable lights

Packed with tech to enhance your riding experience, the Matrix Helmet from LUMOS incorporates bright lights so that you’re seen on the road. Its smart features make you predictable to the traffic around you. Say goodbye to antiquated cycling gear and embrace the future of urban commuting with the LUMOS Matrix Helmet.

  • Matrix is the flagship smart helmet in our Urban collection. It’s fun
  • Feature your own personal style by customizing symbols, patterns, and messages on the Matrix display
  • Protection: impact resistant EPS foam liner and ABS shell
  • Prevention: be seen on the roads with 1000 lumens of front and rear lighting visible at eye-level from 360 degrees
  • One-size fit for heads from 22” to 24” (56cm to 61cm)
  • With every purchase includes a helmet, charging cable, wireless remote, rubber bands and 2 padding set (thick, thin)

At you can purchase a Lumos - Matrix - Color: Jet White - Size: 56 - 61 CM for only $49.41. The cheapest price was found on April 12, 2021 4:09 pm. – View Buying Options



Lumos - Matrix - Color: Jet White - Size: 56 - 61 CM
Re Listed due to another Ebay total time waster who never paid. Please note how Ebay works, Bid, Win, Pay, its really that easy, Happy bidding Lumos - Matrix - Colour: Jet White - Size: 56 - 61 CM Bought this for Christmas for my wife...
Lumos Matrix Helmet with Integrated Stop and Turn Signal LED Lights
BRAND NEW Lumos Matrix Helmet with Integrated Stop and Turn Signal LED Lights. FREE SHIPPING to continental US only. Safety and awesome don't usually come in the same package, but the Matrix does just that. 77 super-bright LEDs in the...
Lumos Matrix - Bike Helmet Jet White
Lumos Matrix - Bike Helmet Jet WhiteThe description of this item has been automatically translated. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.We hereby offer:Lumos MATRIX - bike helmet Jet Whitelumos--High customer...



SizeM-L (22” to 24” / 56 to 61cm)
ColorCharcoal Black
Vehicle Service TypeScooter
Inner MaterialEPS
LUMOS Matrix Helmet
released on December 20, 2019


Matrix – Lumos Helmet US

Get the most out of your Lumos Matrix by pairing it with the Lumos Companion App. Customize your light flashing patterns, check your battery life, track your activity and sync with Strava and Apple Health.

Lumos Helmet - A Next Generation Bicycle Helmet – Lumos ...

"The Lumos is a fully featured high-end helmet with all the fit, comfort and protection you want." "The Lumos helmet really complements a commuting lifestyle." "Bike helmet with turn signals makes absolute sense for ride safety"

Lumos Matrix Helmet Review - A commuter helmet like no ...

The Lumos Matrix lid is the latest lid from the eponymous company. The original Lumos did so well they have Oprah as a fan! So what’s new with the Lumos Matrix? Lumos Matrix Helmet Review


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8 Reviews for LUMOS Matrix Helmet

  1. Robert

    Highly recommended even with high price point. I wanted a helmet that would protect my head but also make me more visible while riding. I really like that you can change the lighting schemes on back of helmet. It has the turn signals as well but I didn’t bother to use those.

  2. Christopher Bruns

    High-quality, highly-visible, good-looking helmet that barely fits my large cranium.

  3. UESTC lone man

    This is a very cool helmet, fancy and highlight focusing. The quality is well deserving the price, high end. The show killer is the weight, this is not likely to be worn for long as discomfort soon comes to you giving the fact you got to cranially support a 1.2ish pound helmet weight.It is not saying the product is not deserving the consideration and I personally appreciate the effort from this startup company Lumos. But they might want to reduce the battery capacity so that the helmet can reduce its weight to less than one pound.I am switching to kickstart to get a balance between function and weight. By far the matrix helmet is truly a fancy overkiller and the balance is not well kept.

  4. denyaya

    The device and overall experience are very well thought through. I loved all the tiny details. from packaging to how charging works, design is top notch.I was also pleased with how easy it was to adjust sizing, even for my considerably big head. App is good too. Connected to phone without any issues.With some helmets you’ll be paying the same money for just a piece of plastic, here you are getting a helmet with a bunch of electronics making your rides much safer and fun. And even though it’s on a high price range, based on the end to end experience I believe the price is fair.

  5. Shane C.

    The helmet itself is well made, and the rear light with variable patterns and blinker is pretty cool.Unfortunately, the front light is really bad. It’s good at making you visible to other people, but it doesn’t illuminate anything for you. Since the whole point of this helmet is the integrated lights, it seems like a huge flaw to still require you to have an additional light in order to see anything at night.

  6. EveryoneIsAnotherYou

    We bought two of the black Matrix with MIPS helmets – and love them both. The turn signals work perfectly every time, on the first button press. The firmware updated reliably the first time. The helmets paired with our iPhones perfectly. Unlike many products that require a lot of work to get going, these worked perfectly right out of the box. Battery life is decent, especially in any of the battery saving modes (3-6h or more, depending on the design). I love the headlight on the front of the helmet, and I set it to flashing during the day for better visibility. The helmets are a tad heavy but we had no trouble doing a 60-mile bike ride in 80-90 degree weather. If you appreciate elegant product design that “just works,” these are some of the best-looking and best-performing smart helmets on the market. We paired them with Aftershockz bone-conducting headphones for high-quality audio while biking country trails.

  7. Patrick T. Mclaughlin

    It worked out of box. Then it stopped doing any signaling. It lost all Bluetooth connection. Now it is very expensive device without anyone to go to for help. Limos where are you ?… how to get help ? The limos software interface locks up unable to do anything.So far it is a very expensive pice of JUNK.Patrick in Corvallis. Oregon

  8. Marc

    small problem with the turn signal remote, it wouldn’t initially charge or sync, had it on the charger for 3 days before it finally decided to start charging, took another 12 hours for it to fully charge, seems its battery was beyond dead.Company was very responsive and offered a replacement, but it did start working and I haven’t had an issue with it since.overall I love this helmet, it fits perfect, the turn signals in the back are very noticeable, I have had many drivers make comments on them, meaning they actually see me on my e-bike and are aware of my intentions.This helmet also fits perfect with the Aeropex Aftershokz open ear headphones. I want open ear so I can hear the traffic around me but still listen to my music. Most helmets don’t fit/work well these types of headphones because they wrap around the back of your head, the Lumos fits perfect with them, Lumos and Aeropex ought to put a deal together for both products, or do some type of integration..

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