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Swagtron RS1 Helmet

The Swagtron Snowtide RS1 Bluetooth Ski & Snowboard Helmet comes with integrated Audio, SOS Alert, Walkie-Talkie/Push-to-Talk (Unlimited Range) & More. This stylish helmet with its All-in-One Audio and Communications Suite + integrated push-to-talk button feels like its from the future. Hit the slopes to your favorite songs and take hands-free calls anytime. Download the app for advanced two-way group communications with one-button Push to Talk (PTT) and unlimited range.

  • Get Connected, Stay Protected – When you can’t call for help, the Snow tide will. The integrated S. O. S alert system acts as a personal safety alarm, using smart impact sensors to register a crash, and sends your location to your emergency contacts.
  • Globally Certified for Safety – More than just a snowboard helmet with headphones, the Snow tide was awarded ASTM F2040 and EN 1077 certifications. This Bluetooth snowboard helmet provides proper protection for snowboarding, skiing, and snow-tubing.
  • Fortified Inside and Out – Whether you’re looking for a helmet, Bluetooth headset or both, the Snow tide is the only smart choice. A durable ABS outer shell wraps around an impact-absorbing in-mold EPS layer for multi-layer protection.

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Snowtide “Smart” Ski and Snowboard Helmet Bluetooth
Snowtide “Smart” Ski and Snowboard Helmet Bluetooth



SportSkiing; Snowboarding
Age GroupAdult
Manufacturer Part Number10282
Snowtide Smart Helmet
released on October 25, 2018



8 Reviews for Snowtide Smart Helmet

  1. goblin

    The connectivity is an issue. I just wanted to play my music on my tablet, but it refused to connect.The structure is fantastic. I love the closable vents, and it fits great. I had to buy a separate helmet speaker system, and install it.If you wish to connect to the latest smartphone, it will probably do just fine. But I didn’t want to use all those features. And my outdated tablet wasn’t compatible.

  2. M Dean Sives

    I’ve been searching far and wide for last two seasons for a replacement of my Scott ski helmet with integrated Skull Candy wireless headphones. The Swagtron gets close but what I had it’s not close enough. Here’s my initial review and may change, if I don’t return by then after using it on the mountain.The Negatives:1) Comfort: The helmet is sold as a One Size Fits All. That’s potentially the first mistake. Despite having the “boa” like tightening system to make needed adjustments to fit your head properly, it’s extremely uncomfortable. I had to dial my boa a few times to get it secured however the straps that tiighten around your your head once secured apply a lot of pressure on the base of your skull and your forehead. Okay for a few minutes but certainly can’t see myself wearing this gauntlet helmet for hours upon hours on the mountain. One way I guess this could be alleviated and give yourself a break would be to loosen the boa dial when on the lift/gondola. Not ideal.2) The App: The downloadable App isn’t working for me. Once I click “get” from the iOS store it simply spins and the download never happens. So based on the fact I can’t get the app, I can’t speak to its functionality. I emailed the company and will wait for their suggestions but at out the box I’m not thrilled.3) Audio Controls: Controls are nicely integrated into the ears flaps and is the main reason why i choose this helmet. Nothing like being able to control calls and music while still wearing gloves and on the fly. The major drawback compared to the Smith Skull Candy helmet I used to wear is that the Swagtron doesn’t have a forward/reverse button for advancing/replaying song tracks. The only buttons for music is for up/down volume and the power button. Not thrilled that I have to break my phone out to advance tunes. Another way to circumnavigate this poorly designed issue is to wear your Apple Watch (if you have one) on the outside of your jacket on your wrist but you won’t be able to do that with gloves on! Haven’t tried to see if the audio has voice-recognition (ie Alexa) to advance songs but will try later.4) Helmet Weight: Feels significantly heavier than any other helmet I’ve ever worn so again I’m worried about fatigue after many hours of use. Weight of the helmet appears to be distributed unevenly, even with the boa tightened. Heavier towards the rear which again for long days on the mountain could get annoying.5) Audio Quality: One word to discribe this, it SUCKS. Volume is slightly louder than Skull Candy but on high the audio is distorted and sounds like your listening to tunes in a tin can. How much do decent speakers even cost these days! These sound cheap and honestly think the ones they give you for free on airlines are better quality. Really, a $150 helmet with crap speakers! I’d pay $200 for this helmet for better ones if it weren’t for the other litany of challenges.6) Looks/Design: Not the stealth look I’d prefer but not horrible. Likes more like a helmet used on the xBox game Halo. I can live with that as I’m a man of functionality more than looks.OVERALL:• Give this 2-stars for being a maverick company attempting to produce what I believe is a niche market but fails to many times on features and comfort for me to keep it.• Connecting to your phone is easy and quick• Haven’t used the One Touch button for the walker-talkie function since I don’t have anyone else that has this helmet. My friends like the concept too but I guess they figured I’d be the ginny-pig to shell out $150+ first.• Swagtron makes other “toys” like razor blades and hover boards so maybe that should have been my first clue… buy a helmet from someone that makes helmets and not a toy company that decided it could be innovative and branch out of its core business.

  3. Bflo Guy

    If you are buying this helmet for sound quality, keep looking. Aweful, tinny sound. Lots of good tech in other side. Why go to all that trouble with great design and go ultra low end on the speakers in this? I’ve heard better sound from the free earbuds the airlines give you. App for this is good but needs some updating… burns through battery if you use the tracking app. Helmet if comfortable, warm and well made.

  4. Marc Kaplan

    I’m revising my initial review. The bluetooth feature is great. Sounds and works great. Unfortunately, after 4 ski trips, and trying multiple different goggles and different adjustments on the helmet, it’s clear there’s a design flaw. There’s no way to keep the helmet from pushing goggles down to where they interfere with my vision. I’m pretty disappointed as I spent $150 for a helmet for one season and have to start over again. It’s a great concept if they can get it right

  5. Jabco

    Fits good works great. Kids feel a bit heavy and is heavier then normal helmet. Looks good. Still playing with some stuff

  6. sofia dobkin

    I just got this helmet, and very disappointed.My old helmet is Bolle, Medium size ( 57-58) and fits very tight. This helmet is HUGE! It literally seating on my back! The adjustment is not enough to make it fit! Also, it looks like it do not fit any standard gaggles as well, leaving a gap between helmet and gaggles.I thinks the idea is there, and having Blue tooth technology is what am looking for, but Ski safety is first, and this helmet is not design for skiing.Unless you have a big head and only leisure cruse on a slopes on a good weather, so the gap between helmet and gaggles do not bother you, Do not wast your money.

  7. Sara

    I ordered two of these. I was so excited to receive this helmet, I was looking forward to keeping in touch while riding with my fiance. Sound quality is good, the helmet is not lightweight however it is tolerable for me, I wear a women’s medium helmet, and this fit great with a hat. Unfortunately, I had to return one helmet because I was not able to use the walkie-talkie function. So basically, one helmet was flawless while the other I could only hear and not send verbal messages. My fiance is still keeping his though because he likes it that much, I wish I could have kept mine but had to return it.

  8. Paul Gray

    The app doe not connect. The helmet connects to my iPhone just fine, but the app itself simply will not. I even tried clicking the PTT and power button while it was searching , but nothing, just won’t connect, even though the helmet is connected to my phone. So talking to the other helmet isn’t possible. SO FRUSTRATING.

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