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Lumos Kickstart Smart Bike Helmet

Lumos is the world’s first smart bike helmet that integrates lights, turn signals, and hard brake warning into one helmet. Featuring MIPS (Multi-directional Impact System. An additional layer of safety to protect you from falls from certain angles). Visibility is paramount to cyclist safety so the Lumos Helmet is integrated with super bright white LEDs in the front and solid red LEDs in the back to ensure you stand out on the road. Triangular shape of the back lights help others gauge their distance from you better. You control the turn signals with a simple wireless remote that fits on your bike’s handlebars.

  1. Share the road safely with Turn Signals – Lumos has brig left and right turn signals that users can activate via a wireless remote. Enhance your hand signals during those wide turns with turn signals!
  2. Clean and Simple Wireless Remote Control – One Remote. Two buttons. Built-in accelerometer to sense when you’re braking. Weatherproof, removable, rechargeable. Intuitive and convenient.
  3. Automatic Warning Rear Traffic Light – The Lumos Helmet senses when you’re slowing down and turns all the lights on the back of your helmet a solid red. Give the cars behind you an extra heads up!
  4. Great Fit Sturdy and Comfortable – Adjustable retention system to make your helmet fit like a glove.
  5. Rechargeable Battery – Both the helmet and remote can be charged with the included magnetic charging cable. 2 hours to charge. Lights lasts 3 hours in solid mode and 6 in flash mode.
  6. Weatherproof – Rain or shine, if you are riding your bike, you can be sure your Lumos Helmet can go with you.
  7. Smartphone App Connect your helmet to your phone! Lumos Helmet companion app available on iOS and Google Play store. Update helmet settings, check your battery levels, and get automatic battery notifications about your helmet on your phone!
  • SMART HELMET FOR THE STREET: helmets for prevention and protection. Kickstart is designed for commuter, city, hybrid, recreational, fitness, road, and touring bikes and e-bikes. Suitable for men and women who are cyclists, inline skaters, and rollerbladers.
  • BE HIGHLY VISIBLE: 500 lumens of lighting at eye-level with 360 degree visibility, 10 white front LED lights, 38 red rear LED lights, 3 customizable flashing modes with up to 6-hours of rechargeable battery life. Feel a heightened sense of security all the time, and especially at night, knowing that you’re being seen on the roads.
  • COMMUNICATE YOUR INTENTIONS: Use our Remote or a Hand Gesture (available with Apple Watch) to wirelessly activate front and rear turn signals to let drivers know your next move. When braking rear lights will automatically flash red to warn drivers that you’re slowing down. Be proactive about keeping yourself safe and prevent collisions when riding in traffic.
  • GET SMART ABOUT PROTECTION: Connect to our App to customize your lights, check battery life, track your activity, sync with Strava and Apple Health, and get the latest upgrades. You’ll be protected by an EPS foam core, impact resistant Polycarbonate shell on a safety-certified helmet: CPSC, F1492, EN1078, AS2063.
  • ADJUST TO YOUR COMFORT: turn the dial on our adjustable retention system to get a secure, snug one-size fit on heads from size 21-1/4” to 24” (54cm to 61cm). Keep comfortable with a lightweight, water-resistant design with 22 vents for airflow ventilation.

Front and Rear LED Lights | Turn Signals | Brake Lights


LUMOS Kickstart Smart Helmet, Cobalt Blue
LUMOS Kickstart Smart Helmet, Cobalt Blue Item Details There is a tear where the barcode is, but otherwise the product is in its original plastic and brand new. Kickstart is our original crowd-funded smart helmet. It’s practical It’s turn indicators and automatic brake lights are very intuitive...
LUMOS Kickstart LED Smart Bike Helmet Out of Box, Helmet in New Condition
f up to 28 mph (45 km/h), it is important to have a helmet rated for rider protection against potentially greater impact forces. Kickstart is an NTA 8776 certified helmet and can protect the wearer against higher impact speeds and covers a larger part of the head.Beat the darkWith over 500 lumens...
Lumos Kickstart Lite Smart Bike Helmet, Charcoal Black Front & Rear LED Lights
Kickstart LiteSame award-winning design with a fresh new set of LEDs. Distinctive back lightingConspicuity is the name of the game. Be seen, and eliminate the guessing by letting traffic around you know which way you’re turning.Controlled front and rear turn signals via remote or Apple watch....
Lumos Kickstart Lite Smart Bike Helmet, Polar White | Front and Rear LED Lights
15 centimeters high23 centimeters wideSMART HELMET FOR THE STREETS: we create helmets for prevention and protection. Kickstart is designed for commuter, city, hybrid, recreational, fitness, road, and touring bikes and e-bikes. Suitable for men and women who are cyclists, inline skaters, and...
LUMOS LKHEBKB Kickstart LED Smart Bike Helmet - Black
Product is New and sealed. Shipped free with USPS priority


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LUMOS Kickstart Smart Helmet (Charcoal Black)
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Lumos Kickstart Smart Bike Helmet, Cobalt Blue
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LUMOS Kickstart E-Bike Smart Helmet (Pearl White)
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LUMOS Kickstart E-Bike Smart Helmet (Electric Lime)
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LUMOS Kickstart E-Bike Smart Helmet (Electric Lime, MIPS)
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LUMOS Kickstart E-Bike Smart Helmet (Charcoal Black, MIPS)
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LUMOS Kickstart Smart Helmet (Electric Lime)
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Item Weight13.4 ounces
Shipping Weight2.2 pounds (View shipping rates and policies)
Item model number220000002
Lumos Kickstart Helmet
released on September 15, 2017

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13 Reviews for Lumos Kickstart Helmet

  1. HiVolts

    I received my Lumos Helmet on April 18. I’m an older fellow who rides 16 to 20 miles a day through rural developments. I had looked at several style led helmets and considered aftermarket blinking led lighting for my existing helmet until I found this kickstarter helmet. Right out of the box it worked. Pairing it with my iPhone 6+ was easy. I adjust the helmet size for my large head. I then ran through charging, left and right turn signals and turned on the beta brake light. I had my wife follow me and tested the beta break light and it seemed to work. I adjusted the audible beep to be heard on every 8th led flash. There are also choices of none, 4th flash or every flash. I’m very impressed with the turn signals. The turn signals flash amber on the front and back of the helmet for left or right signals. Since I ride an hour to an hour and 20 minutes the battery life seems pretty good. I do charge my helmet and turn signal device after each ride. I have found no problems with the magnetic charging cord and have since ordered a second one from Lumos. I can tell drivers coming toward me and coming from behind give me a little more courtesy on the road. I did pay full price for this Lumos Helmet and I’m not in anyway connected with Lumos. The helmet is the final version of the kickstarter project and I’m looking forward to any software updates.Ride safely and be seen! Buy it!

  2. Maurice

    Great for city travel High visibility even on these busy NY streets The front light won’t replace your bike light unless it’s super dark No issues with fit and I wear XL in hats I even wear a hat while wearing the helmetTook away a star for two reasonsHelmet does have some weight and yet the were cheap on the paddingTurn signals will sometimes keep beeping after I’ve turned them off Takes multiple presses before it’s back to normalIf you’re looking for a helmet to help you get safely to and from work or on leisurely rides this one is a winner

  3. Sledge

    What an absolute quality piece of kit this is!. Probably the best cycle helmet I have owned in over 55 years of cycling. Very well made, extremely comfortable, (my head measures 56cms), and gives a real feeling of security when worn. As for the lighting system…all I can say is that it is first rate. I was concerned that without a smart phone I would not be able to utilise the lights and the turn signals, but after communication with the sellers, (which was first rate by the way) and after receiving the item, my fears have proved to be completely unfounded. It worked straight from the box and even if it hadn’t, the instructions that came with it, would have enabled ‘syncing’ without any problems. The handlebar attachment that operates the turn signals is unobtrusive and fits easily using the rubber bands provided.This is without a doubt, an extremely well thought out and manufactured item and whilst it may seem to be expensive, I believe it is worth every penny. I understand that the ‘stop light’ system is still in Beta, but I have to say that the one on my helmet, works fine. If you are in the market for a very well made, all singing, all dancing cycle helmet, that will not only increase your presence on the road but will make your cycling safer, then I would wholeheartedly recommend this item. I for one, consider it money extremely well spent and MY family pet name is Scrooge!

  4. Chris MacAskill

    I have to really love or dislike something to write a review. So many products, so little time.I worried about this purchase because I was seeing comments about the helmet being heavy and uncomfortable. Also, the turn signals being gimmicky.Oh my God I love this helmet. Honestly, I barely notice the added weight when I pick it up, and I never notice it on my head. Maybe I just have a head that fits the helmet, but it’s totally comfortable for me. Maybe the turn signal flashies are close to the center and cars can’t perceive that we mean to signal that we’re going left or right, I don’t know. But what I do know is they provide yellow flashies that they notice when I get to an intersection at night.That night thing, I have to ride at night a lot because of my work schedule. The cars really see me with this, I can tell.

  5. J. Parmentier

    I was desperately in need of a new bike helmet mostly because the one I have used for years was looking a little long in the tooth and isn’t really up to spec with the newest head protection science. I happened to find the Lumos helmet through a Facebook ad and further viewing of their Kickstarter posting. I don’t financially support Kickstarter projects, mostly because getting a concept from design stage to broad manufacturing is a challenging and generally months long process, of which many great ideas on Kickstarter don’t make it or take forever getting to market. But upon seeing it on Amazon, I knew it was real and they had gotten through the design and manufacturing hurdles.The helmet is basically indistinguishable from a conventional high end bicycle helmet, with the exception of the LEDs and turn signal control. The helmet arrived from Amazon well packaged with an outer shipping box and an inner retail box in bright orange. There was no frustration getting it out of the package, it just slid out on a little platform and it was basically ready to go.Adjusting the helmet to my head size was super easy. There is a dial at the back bottom of the helmet, twist it and you can shrink or enlarge the circumference of the helmet. You can even use it to tighten the helmet to your head, and then loosen it when taking the helmet off. It reminds me of high quality construction hard hats, in this respect. If you have ever used an adjustable hard hat, this particular sizing system will be quite familiar.I don’t think I have a huge head, but the helmet is just about my head size with little extra slack in the adjuster. Like some others have commented, I would like to have the helmet be a little larger with a little more play in the adjustment mechanism, but this isn’t preventing me from using the helmet or it being comfortable. I don’t have my exact head size, so you’ll just have to take my word for it.This helmet is a little heavier than my Bell Spectrum that this replaces. I also expect that to be normal considering that this helmet has integrated battery, LEDs and a Bluetooth module. The helmet, in spite of the extra weight, which again, isn’t much, is well balanced, so you don’t really notice that you have a bunch of LEDs at the rear of your head and some more at the front above your eyes.My helmet arrived with a nearly fully charged battery. One of the first things I did upon unboxing was to download the iPhone app and pair the helmet with the app. Read the included instructions. Pairing with my phone went smoothly, but you have one multi-function power button on the back of the helmet with with to turn it on, cycle between the flashing or always on modes and to put the helmet into Bluetooth pairing mode. It helps to have read the instructions and know how that button acts or how long to hold it down to activate the pairing mode.Once paired, the software indicated that the helmet was 95% charged. The turn signal switch that mounts on the bike was a different story. It didn’t respond when I unpackaged it and had to immediately charge it for it to work with the helmet and register with the mobile app.With sufficient battery power and the turn signal switch charging, I used this opportunity to update the firmware since the app indicated that there was a firmware update. This process went very smoothly, although there is minimal graphical feedback in the app when a firmware update is being applied. The app basically indicates that a firmware update is needed, allows you to start the process with the press of a button and then the app shows you status information in text, but there are few if any progress bars. The firmware update took less than 5 minutes, and when done the app indicates that you are up-to-date.With the firmware update completed and the turn signal indicators charged, all worked well with the helmet.There is no doubt in my mind that you will be noticed by drivers and anyone else on the road with you. Whether you use the flashing mode or the solid mode, you will definitely be seen by others from a long way away. The turn signal will be great when sharing the road with drivers. I always feel unbalanced when using hand signals to indicate turns, but this keeps my hands on the handle bar, with means much greater control and stability.It will be interesting to know what the future has in store with this helmet since it has the ability to be firmware updated.I highly recommend this to any urban cyclist and night cyclist as one of the most comprehensive lights and helmets available.

  6. a

    I wear this while riding my Boosted Board. I’ve had at least 3 motorists stop me and say “Thanks for wearing that helmet!” and a few bikers asking where I got it. I really feel 10x more visible on the road.The only reason I’m deducting a star is because of the price. I would prefer a cheaper helmet with just lights and no remote turn signal controller. Since I ride with my boosted board, holding the turn signal remote by itself feels clumsy, and mounting it to the boosted remote is too bulky. If I can find time, I’d love to design and 3D-print a new boosted board housing with a socket that the signal remote can lock into.

  7. Nick De Plume

    This helmet is AMAZING. I bought it for two reasons:1. While driving I kept seeing cyclists from 1/4 mile away and wondering why they were so bright and visible. Turns out having a bring triangle light on your head makes you very visible.2. I kept forgetting to pack my lights, or worse forgetting to take them off.Do yourself a favor, invest in your future self. A self without head injuries and who can always be seen at night.Ride Safe!!

  8. superbrain

    Where do I begin? This is one of my very favorite bike related purchases. I absolutely love this helmet. It fits my head perfectly and is probably the most comfortable helmet I’ve owned. So far everything works as advertised. The front lights are not bright enough to be useful for seeing but definitely bright enough to be seen. I mounted a headlight to the top of the helmet. The turn signals increase my sense of safety while riding in urban terrain. I’m not sure what they look like from the perspective of drivers behind me. Everything about the design seems so well thought out. One magnetic charger works for both the helmet and the turn signal controller that mounts to the handle bars. A beeping sound is emitted when the turn signal is initiated and when turned off. It’s hard to put a price on safety but I think this helmet is worth every penny.

  9. MaroonedinDC

    You know how you buy something and you think, “why did I buy that?”Well, this is the OPPOSITE of that!!!It is WAY lighter that I was expecting. I get compliments/questions about it constantly, AND it keeps me from getting crushed by cars now that we are in daylight savings time (knock on wood).

  10. Paul Deason

    I’ve been biking for decades and I wanted to have lights above the bike as well as on the bike. The lights worked fine, but I had the helmet hanging on the drops of my road bike handle bars and it fell 2.5 feet to the wood living room floor and the outer shell cracked! I’ve had this happen to many helmets (maybe a little careless) and none have ever cracked! I think the plastic shell is just super thin, probably to counter the weight of the battery and lights. In any case I’m happy I did not fall and need the protection for my head.

  11. Thomas M.

    1st I will say maybe someday I will upgrade to the Lumos Kickstarter regular helmet, this review is on the Lumos Kickstarter Lite ‘Colbut Blue’ (doesn’t have turn signals). This is the best bike helmet I’ve ever owned. I currently own two Giro helmets, one has a visor attachment, the other does not, but is much lighter in weight. By far, this Lumos helmet is awesome, easy to put on and adjust, quite literally I did in less than 30 seconds for a perfect fit. The side has latches to adjust the straps. The back you turn a dial on the rear while wearing to get a snug fit (easy as pie).2nd while wearing people walking and driving see me much sooner, I’ve gotten plenty of compliments on it’s visibility for safety. Too me this helmet is not heavy, weighs the same as my other two bike helmets.3rd the price, well let me put it to you this way, you have one life, you cannot put a price on that. Lastly my only regret, I was expecting this to be heavier than my other helmets, as why I went with the ‘Lite version’…meaning I regret not paying more and buying the regular Lumos Kickstarter with turn signals and stop sensor on rear.Almost forgot…. Today I wore it with solid lights on, which is suppose to last only about 3hrs in this mode. Well, I rode for 2hrs and 40minutes…when I got home, I checked the battery level on the Lumos app, it showed I still has 43 percent left remaining (awesome)….BUY THIS IF YOU RIDE A BIKE…

  12. Liam

    Excellent safety helmet. Very comfortable to wear. Lights are bright & can be seen in daylight. When riding early in the morning or at dusk lights become very present indeed. Indicators are extremely impressive that can be seen by motorists from the front & rear. A bit expensive but if you ride a lot & ride early or late this helmet is a winner. Personally I feel more confident on the road in various weather conditions.

  13. SoftDog

    When the helmet arrived it feels expensive. It comes in a heavy solid box and the helmet is indisputably beautifully made. The lights are good and bright. The indication is great. When it works.The problems come if you want to change the default settings. I wanted to have the break lights activate which you have to do using the app. I have android so downloaded the app, which only scores 2.9 out of 5 and that’s when it all turned to soup. The helmet connected but then said it needed to download firmware to the helmet. It started then reported errors. I followed the instructions on the Lumos website. Rebooted the phone and tried again and again. Turned the phone off properly. Nothing. Then when I went to use the indicators, they showed on the remote that they were working but the helmet did nothing. I followed the instructions to repair the buttons. Hold down the button on the helmet until it goes to pairing mode then hold down both buttons until they flash. Nothing. I’ve spent now several hours on this. I have no indicators any more and can’t use the app. So I’m sending it back. Wish I’d left it as it was out of the box. The firmware update bricked it.While I’m at it the other thing I didn’t like is the charging. It uses a proprietary charging cable. You get one cable in the box, and the remote and the helmet both use same charger. The remote and helmet take quite a time to charge so you have to switch them over or buy another cable which is expensive. I have an electric bike so I have to charge that every day, charge the lights every 3 days and then the helmet and the indicators. It’s a faff. A little thing but an annoyance.It’s a very expensive helmet. It feels top quality but it’s let down by the app and the charging.

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