Lumos Kickstart Lite Helmet

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Lumos Kickstart Lite Helmet
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Lumos Kickstart Lite Helmet

Lumos Kickstart Lite Helmet has built-in LEDs

The Lumos Kickstart Lite helmet from Lumos is a bike helmet featuring built-in Front and Rear safety LED Lights. The helmet is meant to offer fall protection like any regular bike helmet but has the added benefit of increased rider visibility thanks to the front and rear lights.

  • SMART HELMET FOR THE STREETS: we create helmets for prevention and protection. Kickstart is designed for commuter, city, hybrid, recreational, fitness, road, and touring bikes and e-bikes. Suitable for men and women who are cyclists, inline skaters, and rollerbladers.
  • BE HIGHLY VISIBLE: 250 lumens of lighting at eye-level with 360 degree visibility, 10 white front LED lights, 16 red rear LED lights, 3 customizable flashing modes with up to 6-hours of rechargeable battery life. Feel a heightened sense of security all the time, and especially at night, knowing that you’re being seen on the roads.
  • GET SMART ABOUT PROTECTION: Connect to our App to customize your lights, check battery life, track your activity, sync with Strava and Apple Health, and get the latest upgrades. You’ll be protected by an EPS foam core, impact resistant Polycarbonate shell on a safety-certified helmet: CPSC, F1492, EN1078, AS2063.
  • ADJUST TO YOUR COMFORT: turn the dial on our adjustable retention system to get a secure, snug one-size fit on heads from size 21-1/4” to 24” (54cm to 61cm). Keep comfortable with a lightweight, water-resistant design with 22 vents for airflow ventilation
  • NOTE: Kickstart Lite does NOT have turn signals and automatic brake lights that are featured on the regular Kickstart.


Lumos Kickstart Helmet: LED Lights|TurnSignals|BrakeLights|Bluetooth Large Black
Lumos Kickstart is the world's first smart bike helmet that beautifully integrates lights, hard brake, turn signals, and helmet into a single cohesive whole. Lumos meets the rigorous safety standards of the CPSC (USA), ASTM F1447 (Canada) and EN1078 (Europe). Features 48 individual LEDs in the...
Lumos Kickstart Helmet Universal Adult Electric Black- One Size Adjutable
Lumos Kickstart Helmet Universal Adult Black Lumos Kickstart is the world's first smart bike helmet that beautifully integrates lights, hard brake, turn signals, and helmet into a single cohesive whole. With 10 white LEDs on the front, 38 red LEDs on the back, and 11 orange LEDs for each turn...
Lumos Kickstart compatible with Apple Watch blue adult Bluetooth,OPEN BOX
Lumos bike helmet compatible with Apple Watch blue adult Kickstart Bluetooth. Condition is in like new condition , Opened box
Lumos Kickstart Bicycle Helmet Charcoal Black w/ Built-in Lights Universal -NEW
Bike Safety Without The BotherAre you looking for a solution that will help keep you safe while you ride that doesn’t involve wearing every accessory under the sun? Have you been hoping for a simple, functional smart helmet that simply works right out of the box? Are you sick of feeling edgy on...
Lumos Kickstart Lite Smart Bike Helmet, Polar White | Front and Rear LED Lights
15 centimeters high23 centimeters wideSMART HELMET FOR THE STREETS: we create helmets for prevention and protection. Kickstart is designed for commuter, city, hybrid, recreational, fitness, road, and touring bikes and e-bikes. Suitable for men and women who are cyclists, inline skaters, and...


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Lumos LLHE Kickstart Lite Smart Bike Helmet - Charcoal Black
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Lumos Kickstart Lite - Polar White
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Lumos LLHE Kickstart Lite Smart Bike Helmet - Chromium Blue
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// Specifications

ColorChrominum Blue
Manufacturer Part NumberLTCB00
Lumos Kickstart Lite Helmet
released on June 22, 2017

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9 Reviews for Lumos Kickstart Lite Helmet

  1. Nick De Plume

    This helmet is AMAZING. I bought it for two reasons:1. While driving I kept seeing cyclists from 1/4 mile away and wondering why they were so bright and visible. Turns out having a bring triangle light on your head makes you very visible.2. I kept forgetting to pack my lights, or worse forgetting to take them off.Do yourself a favor, invest in your future self. A self without head injuries and who can always be seen at night.Ride Safe!!

  2. Page Baker

    The white lights stopped working 3 months after purchase.

  3. Luke

    I’ve only had it a few days now, so if it takes a dump on me soon, I’ll try and remember to revise this review. So far, so good. The lights aren’t spectacularly bright, but they’re not designed to illuminate the road, instead, they’re there to help drivers see you – which they do quite well. Can’t speak to battery-life yet, but I’ve used it for a few hours in flashing mode and haven’t had to charge it up yet. The design and construction are really quite professional, and it’s pretty light. I fully expect it to be all of these things and more, because it, at $130, is by FAR the most expensive cycling helmet I’ve ever purchased. Get one! Support innovation, and be seen. Ride safe!

  4. Paul Deason

    I’ve been biking for decades and I wanted to have lights above the bike as well as on the bike. The lights worked fine, but I had the helmet hanging on the drops of my road bike handle bars and it fell 2.5 feet to the wood living room floor and the outer shell cracked! I’ve had this happen to many helmets (maybe a little careless) and none have ever cracked! I think the plastic shell is just super thin, probably to counter the weight of the battery and lights. In any case I’m happy I did not fall and need the protection for my head.

  5. Thomas M.

    1st I will say maybe someday I will upgrade to the Lumos Kickstarter regular helmet, this review is on the Lumos Kickstarter Lite ‘Colbut Blue’ (doesn’t have turn signals). This is the best bike helmet I’ve ever owned. I currently own two Giro helmets, one has a visor attachment, the other does not, but is much lighter in weight. By far, this Lumos helmet is awesome, easy to put on and adjust, quite literally I did in less than 30 seconds for a perfect fit. The side has latches to adjust the straps. The back you turn a dial on the rear while wearing to get a snug fit (easy as pie).2nd while wearing people walking and driving see me much sooner, I’ve gotten plenty of compliments on it’s visibility for safety. Too me this helmet is not heavy, weighs the same as my other two bike helmets.3rd the price, well let me put it to you this way, you have one life, you cannot put a price on that. Lastly my only regret, I was expecting this to be heavier than my other helmets, as why I went with the ‘Lite version’…meaning I regret not paying more and buying the regular Lumos Kickstarter with turn signals and stop sensor on rear.Almost forgot…. Today I wore it with solid lights on, which is suppose to last only about 3hrs in this mode. Well, I rode for 2hrs and 40minutes…when I got home, I checked the battery level on the Lumos app, it showed I still has 43 percent left remaining (awesome)….BUY THIS IF YOU RIDE A BIKE…

  6. Christina Anderson

    I bought two of these helmets one for myself and one for my boyfriend. We had a friend who purchased the helmet in the kick starter program and was very happy with her purchase. We are both avid cylists and have had many helmets over the years. For both of us this was an upgrade to protect us on the roads. We love it! the helmet holds a charge to get in two consecutive days of riding. If you see an uptick in sales from Eastern Iowa you can thank us. ( We generally ride 35-50 miles at a time at an average of 15-16 mph). We have both been stopped multiple times asking where we got the helmet. This meets our needs and is well made. You do have to be mindful to make sure the charging cord connects to get the charge ( there is an indicator light to let you know it is connected).

  7. ebee

    Seems like a great product and idea, but the one size didn’t work for me. Too small.

  8. Slater

    Drastically increases your visibility at night. Batteries last long, easy to recharge via pc usb. Comfortable to wear. Keeps your head rather warm, so ideal for (dark) winters.

  9. Ike

    My wife and I have used our helmets for five times. I have some observations. This helmets fit very nicely and are very comfortable. Apparently there is slightly more weight due to the electronics, but they still feel light on my head. Regarding the lights, they don’t add that much conspicuity in daylight, sunlight – although still useful. In these conditions, A bright shirt actually does more for that than the lights. But, on a cloudy day, especially where there is shade, the lights become a lot more useful. In an evening ride on a shaded bike trail, the lights really stand out! Using the fast flashing setting, the batteries held up for a ride that was almost 2 hours. Charging is easy but you have to make sure the polarity is right and that the red indicator light turns on when you plug them in. I cannot find this explained in the manual. We are glad we bought them.

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Lumos Kickstart Lite – Lumos Helmet US

The Lumos Kickstart Lite has a headform that’s more oval in shape. If your head measurement is 60-61cm, Kickstart helmet would fit better into oval shape headform. We strongly advise all our customers to check your head size prior purchasing to ensure our helmet fit perfectly on to your head.

Kickstart Lite – Lumos Helmet US

Our Bestselling HelmetJust Got A Makeover Kickstart Lite Same award-winning design with a fresh new set of LEDs. Buy Now Kickstart Lite Our bestselling helmet just got a makeover Same award-winning design with a fresh new set of LEDs Buy Now Shine brightlike a star Stand out on the road with bright white LEDs for ultim

Kickstart – Lumos Helmet US

Power up your helmet. Get the most out of your Lumos Kickstart by pairing it with the Lumos Companion App. Customize your light flashing patterns, check your battery life, track your activity and sync with Strava and Apple Health.

Lumos Kickstart Lite Helmet – Lumos Helmet World

By removing the turn signals, brake lights, and wireless remote, the Kickstart Lite provides you an elegant visibility solution at a great price. Commuter Helmets Kickstart

Lumos Kickstart Lite Helmet – Lumos Helmet UK

Lumos Kickstart Lite Helmet. Regular price £99.95 Size. Quantity Add to cart We've got you covered - Free worldwide shipping to limited locations - 1 year limited warranty - 30 day ‘no questions asked’ return policy ...

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Lumos Kickstart Lite Helmet