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Coros OMNI Helmet is a Smart Cycling Helmet

The COROS OMNI helmet is designed to help you get the most enjoyment and awareness out of your ride, while enhancing ultimate safety. With an innovative open ear bone condensing audio system, auto LED tail lights and Smart Remote, the OMNI delivers an utmost combination of ride safety and convenience. The ability to connect with your smartphone allows for two-way audio communication and uploading your ride. Get instant accessibility with the included Smart Remote to change music tracks, adjust volume, turn on/off your LED lights, or answer a phone call.

  • Advanced Helmet Core – Premium Polycarbonate shell w/ EPS impact foam provides superior impact protection while minimizing weight (340g)
  • Ultimate Safety & Audio – Open ear bone conduction technology delivers rich audio through your cheekbones, providing full outside awareness
  • Remain seen at night – Auto LED lights activate based on ambient lighting conditions
  • Stay connected while riding – Easily answer incoming calls; play, pause and skip your music w/ the included easy to install handlebar remote
  • Built for long distance rides – Industry leading 8-hour battery life

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SizeL (59-63CM)
ColorMatte White
Inner MaterialEPS
Item Weight2.29 Pounds
Coros OMNI Helmet
released on March 29, 2017

// Q & A

Can i pair this helmet to 2 different items, and ipod for music, and a phone for gps?

Hi Jeff, Yes! This OMNI can be paired with more than 1 device. Regards,

How much does this helmet weigh?

The helmet will weigh 340g.

is it available in size Small ?

Unfortunately OMNI does not have a small size. However, you can look into the new SafeSound helmet that we offer a small size there.

Is this waterproof?

The OMNI has an IPX5 rating - meaning it will be rain, water, and sweat resistant.

The bone conduction device on the left side stopped working - is there a way to fix it?

Contact customer support at Coros. They will either have a way to help you or they might replace your helmet if it is still under warranty.



The COROS OMNI smart cycling helmet is designed to help you get the most enjoyment and awareness out of your ride, while enhancing ultimate safety. With an innovative open ear bone conduction audio system, auto LED tail lights and an included smart remote, the OMNI delivers an utmost combination of rider safety and convenience.

Quick Start Guide - COROS

• The COROS™ helmet is equipped with an adjustable fit system which helps stabilize the helmet when worn in the correct position while riding. Fig. 5 shows where to locate the adjustable knob. Turn the knob clockwise to tighten and counter-clockwise to loosen. Charging Please fully charge up your OMNI helmet before using.

Hands-on: The COROS Omni Smart Helmet | DC Rainmaker

All’s well though, and now here they are with a secondary product – the COROS Omni. This new helmet retains all of the previous goodness of the existing helmet and adds lasers. Actually, it doesn’t add lasers, but it adds lights. Which are almost as cool as lasers.


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8 Reviews for Coros OMNI Helmet

  1. Justin P.

    Haven’t ridden with it yet, so I’ll update when I do, but here’s my first reaction:1 – It’s cool. The lights are ok, but I wish they were more like Lumos with turn signals and brake lights, as well as maybe a headlight.2 – The helmet is heavy, but not totally uncomfortable. My Giro Bishop is much more comfortable, though. This feels cheap and I would have expected a more comfortable helmet for $300+. My Giro was about $90.3 – The sound quality is awesome, but I’m not sure how it’s going to be on the road. It should be able to go louder.4 – The straps are awkwardly placed, choke me, and. The sliders constantly slide down.5 – The app has a ton of spelling errors and typos.Do I like it so far? Yes, but too expensive for what I got.Would I recommend it? Maybe. The price would have to come down for me to properly recommend.

  2. docpsifi

    I have an original Coros helmet and have enjoyed it. I decided to get a second one to keep at work for lunchtime rides. The new helmet is even better than the original. The OMNI Smart is lighter than the original plus with the lights on the back of the helmet it helps to alert motorists of my presence. Once I loaded the new app on my phone, I was able to connect to the helmet to configure the settings and enable playing of music through the speakers. For the type of speakers, the music is very good and clear to hear while also being able to hear things going on around me while cycling. I recommend anyone get one of these helmets if they like to listen to music while riding.

  3. Retired Sailor

    Product arrived on schedule in packaging that protected the helmet. Helmet fit was easy to adjust, using conventional bike helmet strap layout. The most appealing feature of this helmet (to me at least) is the connectivity to my iPhone and Apple Watch. Making the connection was straight forward and took little time.Instructions accompanying the helmet are more than adequate.Best part is the connection with both my iPhone and Apple Watch work quite well. I listen to my downloaded Audible Book much easier now. Plus, I can use my Apple Watch health App to track my bike rides. I have stopped using my bike’s onboard computer, although I haven’t removed the computer yet.I can listen to a book or music, or even a baseball broadcast without concern that I have “blinded myself” to the sounds around me, e.g. car noises, people, sirens, etc. I feel quite comfortable riding while listening now.

  4. Víctor T.

    Good technology + cheap helmet.First, I apologize for my grammar because I am not a native English user. I want to start saying that I love this concept but it has some flaws that you must be aware of before buying this or other smart helmets. I have been using the helmet for more than a month now and here is my review.Lights: the lights are meh…they have good intensity but you cannot change the blinking pattern. They are 1 second on, 2 seconds off and so on, I prefer a much faster blinking pattern o leave them always on which is not possible. The only time this pattern changes is when you test the emergency system, they start blinking in Morse code spelling S.O.S and that is cool. I guess they can update the firmware and the Coros app to add more control over the lights. That is one of my suggestion to the designer.Sound: Well, the truth is that the bone conduction system is no more than two fancy speakers. Having said that I think they are good speakers and the audio quality is amazing. The closer you put the speakers to your ears the better they will work. I am quite impressed and happy with the sound of the helmet.App: The Coros app is a simple activity tracker so do not expect nothing fancy like Strava, good thing you can synchronize both and problem solved. The app also lets you configure the emergency system and the lights which only have three options (auto, on and off)Remote control: It is small, simple and efficient. I love it! I just wish the battery to be rechargeable, so as not to pollute.Emergency system: This is a good thing to have but the truth is that I was expecting more. You can configure up to three emergency contacts and the helmet will call them until someone answers (if you have it connected to your cellphone via Bluetooth on that moment) if it suffers an impact or if it experiments 1G force or more. In case the call goes to voice mail, the helmet will finish the call and try a different emergency contact. This will go on until someone answers. This is a good thing but in my opinion, the helmet should send also a pre-edited text message with your location because in case of a serious accident you will be unconscious, not be able to speak nor give any details via call to your emergency contacts and the MSM can be lifesaver.Helmet itself: this is the downside of this product. I also have a Tactic II Specialized helmet (50 USD) and comparing both this helmet materials look and feel cheap and the finishes are terrible. The plastic layer feels weak and fragile; the polystyrene foam does not have a protective coat (like a wax or resin…I do not know what it is but the Tactic II have it) so you will leave a mark every time you sink your nails when grabbing the helmet on a rush and some parts of the helmet are not well adhered. The strap system is annoying and you will spend a lot of time adjusting the straps and the speakers every single time you put the helmet unlike my Tactic II which his/her designer solved wonderfully. For a 200 USD helmet is unacceptable this lack of finesse in design and quality of materials. I guess the electronics are too expensive and they have decided to cut the helmet’s quality to keep the price.Nevertheless, I recommend the product just do not buy it online. Go to a bike store with some other brands of smart and conventional helmets and try them all. Wear it and touch it since for 200 USD there is a lot to choose from and maybe some of the other products do not have the problems that I have listed. I WILL ADD SOME PHOTOS SOON, I PROMISE

  5. diego

    This helmet has held its battery really well (which was one of my concerns). Used it for a week (45 mins a day) and its still going. Also, the auto light feature is REALLY useful when i’m going through overpasses in London. The bluetooth connection fires up correctly each time i turn it on. The sound is pretty good…you do need to take the time to adjust the speakers near your ears…but you really can hear your audio as well as outside. Takes a while to get used to the remote on handlebars since there are a bunch of functions. Also, for me the helmet fit is really good. I wore a MEC and this fits very similarly. Also, like the visor addition.Overall, really pleased since it works well, allows me to listen to music/podcasts without much fuss…and takes care of lights. If you’re considering a smart helmet (which is an indulgence, i know), this one is worth a try.

  6. Stan Horwitz

    I initially had a problem with the COROS Omni cycling helmet I bought back in June. The helmet fits me fine. I also like the blue color I chose. I also get a lot of compliments on it when I go out on group bike rides.The problem was not with the actual helmet, it was that the bone conduction speakers were barely audible. June is a busy month for me at work, as is July, so I didn’t put much priority into dealing with this problem until, a customer support at COROS sent me email a few weeks after I received it to ask if I liked it. I told the rep that I could barely hear the speakers. After numerous interactions with the same customer support rep, none of which helpful, I got frustrated, so I posted a 2 star review here last week.The same customer support rep who initially reached out to me, contacted me again after he read my negative review. He offered to exchange my helmet for a new one. I was skeptical that a different Omni helmet would benefit me because I thought the underlying design of the bone conduction speakers was flawed, but I figured I had nothing to lose by trying a replacement helmet.Customer support sent me a brand new helmet via Amazon. Boy was I wrong about the speaker design being flawed! I listen to audiobooks frequently, and ocassionally music while I ride. The majority of my riding is commuting in an urban environment. My bike is my primary means of transpiration in Center City, Philadelphia where I live. With the original COROS Omni helmet, the speakers were barely audible. I thought they didn’t press firmly enough to my head. xxxIt turns out that my opinion about the speaker design being flawed was flawed. The original helmet’s speakers were faulty, not the actual concept behind them. I can hear the speakers on the new helmet fine. As soon as I took the new helmet out of its box, I put it on a table and turned it on. As soon as I did that, I could clearly hear “power on” emit from the new helmet’s speakers. I could barely hear “power on” or anything else from the old helmet.The audio volume is acceptable now. It isn’t quite as loud as I prefer, but the volume is good enough now that I can ride to work, or elsewhere, on my bike through the city and hear whatever audiobook I happen to be listening to. Some loud ambient noice (such as from a nearby diesel truck) drowns out the speakers, but that’s to be expected. From a comfort standpoint, the Omni is among the most comfortable helmets I have worn. For a five star rating, the speakers’ audio output would have to be a little bit louder.I am glad a COROS customer support reached out to me to offer to do whatever it took to make me a happy customer, because that’s what I am now; a happy customer. Kudos to COROS for converting me to a happy customer from an unhappy customer. One feature I would like to see on the next generation of COROS smart helmets is a front light. What I did with mine is attach a small headlight to the front of it, which works fine, but everyone thinks its a camera, not a light.

  7. Jack K

    I saw a cyclist wearing this and was initially impressed – even tho the price seemed high -my first few rides were a blast – great to listen to music and be able to hear traffic at the same time…plus I definitely noticed that passing cars were giving me more room thanks to the rear lights…BUT after a few months the speaker in the left earpiece came apart – resulting in a horrible rattle & making listening impossible. I was directed to Coros customer service in US who bizarrely told me they haven’t figured out how to offer product returns from Europe – so to get a refund under warranty I had to ‘send them a video of the fault’ – a video of a speaker not working!?! Fortunately Amazon refunded the purchase in full, no questions asked – I’d have gladly taken a replacement Coros but was so unimpressed by their response I bought a Livall instead – cheaper and so far seems better made – with integrated speakers and without those strange dangling Coros earpieces…

  8. graham

    Easy install for the app and a great crash helmet good sound quality I would recommend this to anyone

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