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bone conduction hat


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bone conduction hat

Bone Conduction Hat Max Virtual Cynaps Assistive Listening

Cynaps sends audio directly to your inner ear using tiny vibrations. Hear music and calls without headphones or earbuds blocking your ears. Simply wear the hat and pair via Bluetooth to your phone or other Bluetooth enabled audio device and start magically hearing calls and music without headphones. It also works to enhance your hearing by amplifying sounds around you that it pics up using tiny embedded microphones.

  • Bone conduction transducers transmit sound directly to the inner ear through vibration
  • Super lightweight design for maximum comfort
  • Made from sweat-free polyester specially designed to wick away sweat and moisture
  • Dual microphones allow for unprecedented location awareness


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4 Reviews for Cynaps Assist Cap

  1. Judy Weinberg

    I received mine today after a very long delay (ordered in feb) and was initially disappointed in it but after a little adjustment to fit my head and prefered location for the transducers I got a reasonably good sound level. If you are the type that spends money on good quality headphones, this will not replace them. I plan to use mine while running, which they’ll be ideal for, but not for a commute on public transport where you want to be cocooned away. The sound quality isn’t the best, but I didn’t expect £200 performance.

  2. Mary

    Because you are still hearing via your ears as well, I would not recommend the Cynaps system in loud environments. The ambient noise and music via bone conduction definitely get in the way of each other and sound muddled. I usually run on old, little used roads or along trails (aka not very noisy), where the music is loud and clear enough to be enjoyed while traffic is able to be heard. I did not like using the Cynaps system in the gym (or on a loud running machine) where I would prefer to block out the many noises and conversations going on around me.

  3. Chris S

    Cynaps is an intriguing accessory that should find a niche audience. It isn’t the most elegantly-constructed product you’ll ever use. It feels like something that got its start on Indiegogo (it did). But, to Max Virtual’s credit, it does what it promises, while looking mostly like an ordinary hat (if you can ignore that bulge underneath the bill).

  4. John J

    At first, listening to music on Cynaps seems very ordinary. This is because it sounds like there’s a tiny speaker in the hat, which everyone around you can hear. But take the hat off, or give it to a friend to use, and you can barely hear anything. You hear about as much as you would from a friend wearing headphones. That’s when it really sinks in that the sounds you were hearing were transmitted through your skull.

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