Compact Dive Series Heated Undersuit – 70m/230ft

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Thermalution Compact Dive Series Heated Undersuit

Thermalution Compact Dive Waterproof Undersuit turns your ordinary wetsuit into a heated wetsuit. This powerful heated undersuit can help you stay warm in a wetsuit for up to 2 hours and for diving up to 230 feet (70 meters). With this far-infrared heated shirt under your wetsuit, your dive journey will become so much easier and more enjoyable.

  • Keep You Warm in Wetsuit
  • Heat Upper Back Core Area
  • Heats Up Within a Minute
  • 1.5 to 2 Hours Heating
  • 70 Meters/230 Feet Diving Depth
  • Push Button Controller
  • Rechargeable Batteries Included
  • Unisex


Thermalution Compact Dive heated wetsuit shirt

Thermalution Compact Dive heated wetsuit shirt. Heated shirt for diving. To be worn under a wetsuit. Manufacturer has rated the shirt good for 70m deep. Has 4 batteries (uses 2 batteries at a time). Connections show wear but shirt still works.


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5 Reviews for Compact Dive Series Heated Undersuit – 70m/230ft

  1. Lisa P

    Used the Thermalution for a week of diving in Monterey , CA. The water temp ranged from 51 to 47 degrees and I stayed comfortable on each dive, each dive lasting about 60 minutes. I was able to keep up with my buddies wearing drysuits. Position of battery packs were great, did not feel them and they did not interfere with my wetsuit or BC. Just attached control switch to my BC with velcro, very easy to reach and control temp, even with 5 mil gloves on. Great product.

  2. Fernando P

    This is such a great product. It works just as promised. On a recent trip to the Galapagos the water temperature ranged from 80 degress to 54 degrees – sometimes in the same dive. The lightness of the Thermalution shirt let me wear it on all dives and have heat available if the temperature dropped. I have recommended it to numerous people, and I know several divers on our boat will be getting some soon.

  3. Karen K

    I wish they made these years ago, but I am happy someone finally came up with such a wonderful innovation. The charge lasted through two dives and I was amazingly comfortable. The warmed water in the wetsuit can be sloshed around during the dive to other parts of your body, so even though it heats at the back, it works everywhere. I need an extra set of batteries so that I can just switch them out during intervals. The only improvement I would make is a way to secure the batteries in the pockets better. They fall out when you take the vest off over your head and the cords kind of get tangled up.

  4. Ralph Z

    Before this shirt, a hooded vest beneath my 4mm full suit was the only way to stay warm… I’m one of those people that get cold in 70 degree water. I now will often go hoodless… with the two together I am toasty at 60 degrees. My girlfriend loves her so much that she wont even kitesurf without hers.

  5. Bonnie

    I bought this to wear under my drysuit while diving in the winter in the Pacific Northwest. It is great! It has nearly doubled the length of my dives. Previously I could go about 30 minutes before I was so cold that that was all I was thinking about. I just spent a week in North Vancouver Island and all my dives were 50+ minutes. I always kept it on low. I can’t imagine turning it up higher if you are wearing it under a drysuit. I had to wear 2 shirts under it as well. When I went with only one shirt, my back got burned…..literally. The battery life was okay on low, but if we were out on the boat for back to back dives, the shirt would usually die sometime during the second dive. So I am buying a second set of batteries for back up.

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Compact Dive Series Heated Undersuit – 70m/230ft