Heated Lumbar Belt (Red Belt)

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Thermalution Heated Lumbar Belt

The Far-infrared Power Heated Lumbar Belt (also known as the Red Belt) by Thermalution, is made of neoprene and state of the art non-metallic heating fiber wire that is safe, comfortable, durable, and flexible. It emits safe Far Infrared Ray that provides soothing warmth to penetrate your skin and gently elevate your body heat, improve blood circulation, promote tissue and cell regeneration to promote healing.

  • Far Infared Lumbar Belt
  • Keep Lumbar Warm Up to 12 Hours
  • Power: Two Li-ion Batteries
  • Help Relieve Lower Back Pain


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8 Reviews for Heated Lumbar Belt (Red Belt)

  1. SihongGuo

    I have a psoas strain and this back massager with heat helped me a lot.I’m sorry I didn’t know before and I didn’t buy it.It has 3 different vibration modes of massage and 3 different heating temperatures, which is effective for lower back pain relief.Easy to use: vibration and heating can work separately or together.The user manual is understandable.I’ve been using it for a while and haven’t found any bugs.I 100% recommend this heated belt!If you have problems with your back or waist, you need this heat belt.

  2. Josephine M. Lomack

    This back heat and massage belt helps when my back feels the aches. I have sciatica and this belt soothes the muscles and made me relaxed at the comfort of my home. I was able to walk around with it working. Recommended.

  3. R. Garten

    I purchased this so I could wear it at night for sleeping with heat on my back. Well the massaging parts are so large that if you’re a back sleeper you’ll never be able to sleep with this on. They dig into your back and cause pain so their function is negated. The massaging parts are not removable either. I’m not sure how you could lie down with this on at any time much less while trying to sleep. I started a return almost as soon as I got this.

  4. Beni

    Very comfortable unlike some other belts I have bought and returned. This is a keeper. Very thin and comfortable.

  5. Derrick

     I hurt my waist when I was doing training. So I really need a good belt to protect my waist. This heating belt is a good choice for me as it can heat and do massage to relax your tired muscles. And you can also control the temperature and shake intensity. You can use battery as well as wire. It is very convenient!!

  6. Shawn Shepard

    I had major back surgery in September 2019 and bought this product mainly for its heating ability. Worked great for the first couple of months then it started shorting out when connected to the wall adapter. After about a week of that it decided to completely stop working with the wall adapter and only works with the battery. Massage function also stopped working after about two months. Very dissatisfied with this product and would not recommend it.

  7. Robert

    Been using it for a 3 months and has been worth it when my lower back pain kicks in. I would tend to use it in the morning when it’s cold and my drive is 45 mins. It last about 2-3 hrs depending on the level of use. The price is a bit much for it’s quality, it does it job but still not at 100% for the price. It’s more simple but it’s lowers the ache.

  8. Alyssa

    I bought this wrap and it was wonderful. It just stopped working so I requested to exchange it for another because it worked so well. I thought i would give company the benefit of doubt that it was just a fluke, a one time occurrence. So I got my new one and just like the 1st one it was wonderful. UNTIL IT STOPPED WORKING AS WELL! It was not a battery issue.

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Heated Lumbar Belt (Red Belt)