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Wizard Watch Kids GPS Tracking

Keep children safe with real-time tracking and two-way communication.

Wizard Watch GPS Tracker: Real time tracking, safe zone, messaging, two-way calling. iOS/Android compatible, $14.95/month.

- GPS Tracking
- Parental Control
- SOS Button


- Expensive
- Limited Battery Life Logo
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iGPS Wizard Watch Kids GPS Tracker

The Wizard Watch Phone is a a child GPS Tracker wrist watch phone and an app for the parent, designed to create a safe environment for any child. Gain peace of mind knowing exactly where your child is every moment of the day, how to reach them, managing their daily routines, and knowing they can alert you if they are in trouble!

  • Includes SIM Card, Real Time Tracking and Set Safe Zone capabilities allow for quick and accurate feedback for child safety and location.
  • Features voice messaging, SMS messaging, and two-way calling for easy communication between children and parents.
  • Increased memory allows for History Playback and Take Me Home feature that helps a lost child find his/her way home. Smallest wrist size fits 4.25”. Largest wrist size fits 7”.
  • Watch and mobile app compatible with iOS and Android. Service plan through iGPS is required and is $14.95/month, includes 300 minutes talk time, unlimited SMS and unlimited GPS
  • This is an independent service and is not connected to your current carrier. Our service plan is independent and provided by iGPS. You will activate your device, select a service plan and get your watch phone number all during the setup process inside our mobile app.


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IGPS Wizard Watch for Children Black, Tracking, messaging
IGPS Wizard Watch for Children Black, Tracking, messaging
IGPS Wizard Watch for Children Blue open box
IGPS Wizard Watch for Children Blue open box
IGPS Wizard Smart Watch For Kids With Sim Card Live Gps Tracking And Voice Call
IGPS Wizard Smart Watch For Kids With Sim Card Live Gps Tracking...


Give your child the safety and independence they deserve with the iGPS Wizard Kids Watch. With real-time location updates and geofencing capabilities, parents can easily stay connected to their child's whereabouts at all times through the user-friendly mobile app. The watch also features two-way communication, allowing parents and children to communicate with each other quickly and easily. With its durable and waterproof design, this watch is perfect for all types of adventures. The iGPS Wizard Kids Watch also has a variety of fun and educational features, including a step tracker, alarm clock, and interactive games, making it the ultimate all-in-one device for kids. With its advanced technology and easy-to-use interface, the iGPS Wizard Kids Watch is a must-have accessory for any parent looking for peace of mind and their child's safety.

  • Real Time Tracking
  • Set Safe Zone capabilities
  • Voice and SMS Messaging
  • Two-Way Calling
  • History Playback and Take Me Home feature
  • iOS and Android Compatible
  • $14.95/month service plan
  • Durable and Waterproof Design
  • Long-Lasting Battery
  • Sense of Independence and Security for Children


    Wizard Watch Kids GPS Tracking
    released on July 6, 2018



    The iGPS Wizard Kids Watch is an innovative smartwatch designed specifically for kids. The watch uses advanced GPS technology to track the wearer's location in real-time, allowing parents to keep an eye on their child's whereabouts even when they are out of sight. Additionally, the watch features a two-way calling system, enabling parents to communicate with their child at any time, while also allowing the child to call a pre-set list of numbers in case of an emergency. Parents can also set up safe zones through the iGPS Wizard app, which sends an alert to their phone whenever the watch leaves or enters a designated area. The watch has a durable and waterproof design, making it perfect for active kids, and the long-lasting battery ensures that parents can be assured of their child's safety throughout the day. The iGPS Wizard Kids Watch is not just a convenient and practical way to keep track of your child, but it also gives children a sense of independence and security, knowing that they can always call for help or be found in case of an emergency.


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    25 Reviews for Wizard Watch Kids GPS Tracking

    1. Magen Baker

      We had previously tried a less expensive foreign gps tracker watch, I checked our service area and purchased the recommended SIM card. No matter what I did, we could not get the watch to function. 5 days and I sent back. Then I order this, and while it doesn’t have some of the bells and whistles the other device did (camera, flashlight, game, listen/see in) it works flawlessly and we had it set up in 10 minutes. I haven’t figured out the function that helps them find their way home yet…but the purpose was to know where my daughter is and to be able to communicate with her. It’s PERFECT.

    2. Brittany S.

      Do not be confused when it says that T-Mobile and Att are compatible, I believe it’s talking about t-mobile and att equipment. You cannot put a T-Mobile or att SIM card in this watch.

    3. Latisha A.

      Very poor service and quality; even the app was not very intuitive. Was never able to use the watch after months of phone calls and several attempts at fixing with technical support. I finally gave up.

    4. Mandy Richardson

      This watch has been great so far! The tracking is extremely accurate, which is what I wanted the most. The SIM card is already installed, and the app is very user friendly. This watch is not like the cheaper ones from China, the customer service department is out of California and responded within 10 minutes of me contacting them. They are not only American speaking, but so helpful! The watch comes with a screen protector to keep it safe, the band is very durable, and the watch itself is easy for my 7 year old to understand. Phone calls are clear as well. I would definitely recommend.

    5. Jacob Ramon

      While this product is essentially a great idea, the watch was dead within 4 hours. Given that there is not much to do with the wach, there is no reason for such a short battery life.At one point, the watch seemed to get confused when scrolling and made calls several times without specifically being made to make calls. The GPS on the watch also was not exact and was jumping around the screen. It took some time to get the coordinates right.

    6. Corinna

      I purchased two of these kids smart watches for my children in order to track them by gps and to allow them a way to communicate by text or phone with select people. I researched several watches after reading the descriptions on Amazon thoroughly. The description specifically says the watches are designed for children ages 3-12 years old. This watch band did NOT fit my NINE year old. I was hoping the company had an accessory that would allow for an extension to their band since the size of the watch is odd. I had to contact the company THREE times in order to get a live person to talk to. The website specifically mentions having customer support available. It took over a week to get any one to talk to. In addition, the representative NICOLE seemed to have no concern about this problem. She only recommended I buy something off Amazon. Wow, I never thought of that! Unfortunately, even Amazon doesn’t have a product that will work with this watch dimensions. Then, she recommends I just have my son put the watch on his backpack. If the purpose of your device is for safety, I hope the kidnapper allows my son to take his backpack with him.Also make sure you know that you will have to sign up for a $15/month plan in order to activate the watch and the gps signal is spotty at best. They advertised this watch as developed by military. It certainly does not function that way.Save your money and look for another product and invest in a company who actually knows the meaning of customer service and sincerely cares about your child’s welfare. This company only delivers lip service. Stay away. I will be cancelling the service plan and returning both watches ASAP

    7. R&B

      While it took me and my wife a little bit to understand the app and set it up, we are now very pleased with it.Tracking our adventures son while he’s out his friends is a lot easier and more accurate than the cell phone tracker that we previously used. The tracking updated faster and we were able to see when he strayed too far from the safe zone that we set up in the app.It had the added benefit of letting us cancel his phone because it did everything we needed to do.the only issue we have had is he “accidentally” hist the SOS button when he trying to make a call. which then makes it cycle through on his call list until someone answers the phone.Overall we are very happy with this and would buy another one when our next child becomes more mobile.

    8. Karli

      We have tried two similar watches in the last year and were so disappointed. Not this time. We had this watch set up in less than 10 minutes, made some phone calls, sent and received some text messages and the GPS was right on top of our house. Perfect! My son loves it too. It’s not too big and the overall quality of the materials look great. It feels good to know we can keep in touch and check in on our son.

    9. Tour NewEnglander

      They don’t tell you until you buy that it has no coverage in the entire north east states

    10. Mary Tong

      I would not recommend this to anyone. The GPS seems only to be accurate to about a 30 mile radius. Receiving and making phone calls is so limited of an area it will even work from. Then called to cancel the $15 per month service for the phone calling and because I didn’t give a 14 day notice they are billing me for another month. Very hard to set up phone also. Do yourself a favor and don’t purchase this item.

    11. L. L. J

      We ordered this due to a scare we had in the beginning of the school year. Our son was made to get off at the wrong stop. He was lost, the bus driver didn’t know where he was (he was sub), the school didn’t know where he was. He was lost, someone saw him walking in the parking lot of apartment complex a mile away.We purchased this for the GPS tracking and call capability.It works great! We love knowing he can call us and we can find him any where!

    12. Big D

      Never gets service. Have traveled through 2 states with it and rarely did it actually get any service.

    13. Mr. Q

      Tried all the others — this is one is it. Set up my account right away, but it took around 5 minutes for the location to update the first time…after that, working great. The kid loves it!

    14. S. Baydemir

      Super baddddd

    15. JJMK

      I did a lot of research before buying this watch for my 7-year old, and since it had the best tech reviews and safety features, I bought it even though it’s one of the most expensive options out there. The watch is a bulky (I think they use the term ‘chunky’ for most kids’ watches), which makes it easy for my son to use, but difficult for him to slip jackets and sweatshirts on when he’s wearing his watch. This often causes him to take it off and lately he hasn’t wanted to wear it as much because of the hassle. We bought the blue band, and it looks pretty cool. The screen is nice and easy for him to use. He figured it out within a few minutes. The sound quality is good for making calls and sounds like when you use the speaker feature on your cell phone. The company’s website has a way to look at the signal strength rating for your area, which I would definitely recommend checking before buying. There are some cold spots, which can literally be a few feet away from a hot spot, so you sometimes have to walk around waiting for a signal. This could be a problem if you’re trying to get in touch with your kiddo to check on them and they don’t answer or you can’t get through. The message function is voice or stickers for the kids – there are preset emoji-like stickers with words that they can send you. I am able to type a text message as well as the stickers, so it’s great for sending things like, “Headed to pick you up, be there in 5,” etc. The battery life seems to be about 2 days.The app is functional, but not outstanding. It’s supposed to be easy to set up, but I had to call the help center because it literally took me like 2 hours to get everything set up. The GPS tracking is excellent. You can even track their movements through the day and set a safe perimeter. There is a pin where your kiddo is located, and you tap on it to call or message them. Everything has to be done through the app (calls, messages), which means no one can call or contact your kid unless they’ve downloaded the app and you’ve approved their number. This is an important feature, since I’ve heard stories of predators trying to lure kids to them through un-secure smartwatches. The watch has it’s own phone number, but again, you can only call it through the app. The service plan is $15/month and independent of your phone carrier. The SMS card is included in the watch. There are some annoying things about the app (if you can’t connect to the signal, then it flashes message boxes over and over and you can’t get out of them). When you’re kiddo sends you a message or calls, it sends an alert to your phone. And yes, there is an SOS button that your kid can push when they’re in trouble and it calls the first call, then the second call if no answer (all preset numbers you put in the app). Then it will cycle through again if still no answer.Overall, a good purchase. There are no games and because of the bulkiness, it’s become a little more of a challenge to get him to wear the watch (since all these features are only good if he has it on), but overall I’m happy with the purchase.

    16. Cara

      I liked how the watch looked but the features that are promised by the manufacturer were not available. There was no Group Chat, or Schedule (which was the reason I bought the watch, to begin with). Plus, the GPS function did not work well at all. The map was glitchy and wouldn’t locate the watch even when it was right next to me and fully charged. The GPS would say that the watch was in another town, not where I was while trying to update the features. As a parent trying to get this watch to work this function was really important and to not have it work was incredibly frustrating. The coverage map on the product’s website said that our area had great service, but it hardly worked. The App was glitchy and is not user-friendly at all.

    17. CAReader

      We purchased two watches for our kids, 9 and 10, mainly to have a way to communicate with them while letting them be more independent. We don’t intend on getting them cellphones anymore time soon, so we thought we’d give gps watches a try. We tried several other types of watches from amazon, the kind that you order the SIM card separately, but we found them to be pretty useless. The app was counter intuitive, and the location accuracy was terrible.Wizard Watches we’re our last attempt. I’m so glad we tried one more time, because these are great! Setup was pretty quick. The only trouble we had was getting the watches to find a network signal. If you are having that problem, just restart the watches, and for us at least, it picked it right up. We have been using them for a few days now, and we have their grandparents added to their approved lists as well as some other family members. My daughter LOVES being able to call them, and my son checks in with us all the time. It has been VERY worth the purchase. I highly recommend this brand. The SOS feature and the Take Me Home feature both work great. The kids had an easy time figuring out how to access everything too.

    18. Tamra Phelps

      I loved the watch and so did my niece. The service however, left a lot to be desired. I was never able to get the contacts to link to the watch through the app. Also, i was never able to locate the watch on the GPS aspect of the app. When I contacted customer service, they told me its because I needed to be near wifi since the region I live in isnt covered by their service. This defeated the purpose of the watch. I know where my niece is when she is in my home. If they can upgrade their service availability it will be a great device.

    19. Jamie

      Everything about this product sounds great and on paper it appears the perfect watch.These ones we bought have have had nothing but problems.Neither registered correctly to the account I created when trying to set them up (even though the billing kicked in straight away) so we had to contact the service desk in USA to resolve this. Then once these were added manually the message functionality did not work at all. After contacting the service desk again, the messaging issue was resolved and everything seemed perfect for 10 minutes… then when I tried adding a second contact it has taken everything back to square one and my account/app will no longer connect to the server.Was originally going to send these back and ask for new devices to be sent out but have now given up and will buy a new brand.

    20. Nwhiteha

      This watch is great.I love the take me home feature! No contracts and reasonable monthly phone plan 15.00!!! I am able to locate my grandauter with GPS. This watch gives step by step directions to get home. This watch alerts me when removed from the arm. Customer sevice was a pleasure, as I had more questions and Nichole took her time to answer and helped me set the watch up,which was very easy.This watch meets my granddaughter want of a smart watch phone,and my need to know she is safe.

    21. Tour NewEnglander

      Returning iGPS Wizard kids communication/ GPS watches (gotten for emergencies and safety) as in spite of knowing my address, they blow you off for two days and then finally tell you there is no coverage in the entire state of New Hampshire (worse – coverage map SHOWS 4GLTE 👍) but doesn’t TELL YOU they don’t WORK on 4G 🙁😡 (only 2&3G).NOW I have paid an ADDITIONAL $60 in activation and service fees and CANNOT GET THEM ON THE PHONEAny suggestions of similar devices that DO work here??

    22. MamaRomero

      I bought this watch for my daughter and wasn’t sure if it was going to really be as great of a resource as it is but it’s been a great tool for us. I’m able to monitor where she is and communicate with her when needed. I had bought a different brand watch before this and returned it. This watch is great! Great quality and service. I would definitely recommend to others and actually have recommended the watch to 2-3 moms already.

    23. SheSoPeeZee

      Great watch for that parent wanting to make sure that they are safe and that their kid can call when ever he or she needs to.

    24. JoJo D

      Absolutely love this purchase and my little does as well! The features make her feel like she has an adult watch like mommy and daddy. The peace of mind knowing we can locate her at any time. Great purchase, would recommend!

    25. Michelle Farra

      Thank you for help setting g up

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